Drumroll Please . . . presenting the Black Jesus Bracket!

The Black Jesus Bracket

Black Jesus is the number one team in the league by a wide margin, so you don’t want to be in their bracket. Unfortunately a quarter of you have to be, because that’s the way brackets work.

Team Name Overall Seed Record BCS % Chance of Victory*
Black Jesus 1 26-4 2.230 100
Big LeBocce 32 14-16 1.447 50
Beauty and the Beast 33 14-16 1.443 50
Mark & Robb 17 17-13 1.678 80
DaVinci 48 8-22 1.077 20
Team Name Overall Seed Record BCS % Chance of Victory*
Amerika’z Least Wanted 16 17-13 1.689 80
I Shaved My Balls For This? 49 8-22 1.063 20
Puzzles 9 18-12 1.840 80
Sauce & Sand 56 8-22 0.794 20
Blue Balls 24 15-15 1.577 52
4 Balls Between Us 41 10-20 1.253 48
Team Name Overall Seed Record BCS % Chance of Victory
Ball Busters 25 16-14 1.565 51
Let The Big Dogs Eat 40 11-19 1.276 49
Utter Debocce 8 20-10 1.845 99
Bocce Babes 57 1-29 .0706 1

* The % Chance of victory is not my prediction, but a mathematical formula borrowed from vegasinsider.com, it was invented as a baseball analytic that computes the % chance of victory each team has in a competition by using the records we have available. Think of it as what the Vegas odds for each team would be, because that is pretty much what it is.


My Analysis – This is a brutal bracket. Bracket of Death? Possibly (that discussion will take place later).

If you look at the percent chance of victory computations there are a couple surprises. The biggest one being Let The Big Dogs Eat have just about an even chance of beating Ball Busters despite the fact that Ball Busters are ranked 15 spots higher. Maybe that’s a possible upset to look at when filling out your brackets? Or maybe that’s the upset everyone picks that inevitably doesn’t happen (something I fall victim to every March when I’m filling out my basketball brackets).

The real intrigue from this bracket will come in the second round of the playoffs. Puzzles vs. Blue Balls will be a classic game if it comes to fruition, but most people are going to be looking at a potential match up between Mark & Robb and Amerika’z Least Wanted. Both teams are elite, both teams played difficult competition all year, both teams teams sport former champions. It seems staggering that one of these teams won’t make the final 16 tournament, but the fact that they play each other makes it impossible for both to advance. Like I said, its a brutal bracket.