End of Regular Season Info

Can you believe its already week 10 of our 10 week season?  Its always a bitter sweet time for me …

Anyway, the regular season isn’t over quite yet; as always we will have a make up week next week.  So you can play games this Tuesday, this Wednesday, next Tuesday and next Wednesday, but next Wednesday 8/1 is your LAST chance to play regular season games.   Any games not played by Midnight Wednesday 8/1 will be forefiet. – but every team makes the playoffs no matter what.

HERE is a link to your stats.  Check and see how many games your tam has played.  You need to get to 30 by next week to avoid having to forefeit any.

I’ll compile all the stats next Thursday, and next Friday we will have our Bracket Reveal Party!


What: We reveal the Turbo Bocce Playoff Brackets and drink!!!
Where: 304 Hamilton Road, North Syracuse, 13212 – extra parking at 5959 Smith Rd, North Syracuse, NY 13212
When – August 3rd at 7pm
How Much:  FREE

The basic idea of a bracket reveal party is this: I need all the beer in my house gone before the annual Pumpkin Beer Fest I throw.  I have tons of beer at my house.  You’re invited to come drink all my beer, and see what your path to a Turbo Bocce championship looks like.  Its going to be a blast!

Extra added bonus for the Bracket Reveal Party … if Boeheim’s Army makes it to the championship game of the TBT, we can all watch it together on an outdoor movie screen!!!  Lets hope!!

The playoffs will start the following Tuesday – August 7th.  All games will start at 6pm.
There will be a second round of playoffs that the winners will go to Tuesday August 14th at 6pm.

Then the end of season celebration and championship tournament will be held Saturday August 18th.  We will be giving out free food and beer.  We will be giving out all our awards, trophies, medals and cash prizes, and we will be crowning a champion!