End of season awards, playoff brackets, and Vegas odds!!

I’ve got a lot of info to give, so lets get to it!!

2021 points leaders … I’ve always considered 150 points to be the mark of a great year, so here is the 150 point club this season

150 – Heather Cleveland

159 – Pat Pascarella

159 – Rob Marino (two teammates tied for points, wow, what a great season!)

161 – Scott Mead

171- Bryan Mullane

171- Kevin Curreri

Great job guys, 170+ is the mark of a GREAT great year!  You were so close to taking home the medal, but our points leader is

Travis Taylor – 176  Congratulations!


2021 Bocce Leaders

30 – Mike Burkett

31 – Oscar Ocampo

33 – Rob Calvani

35 – Jeff Weiner

35 – Heather Cleveland (what a great year you had!)

39 – Chelsea Kniffen – such a great total, if you had just made one more week you might have won, but our bocce leader is …

42 – Kim Pomeroy – Congratulations bocce leader!!!


2021 Ace Leaders – I think this was our most exciting category.  There were some historic ace numbers put up.

13 – Sherri Walakis

13 – Ryan Moulton

19 – Greg Griffo – what a huge number for not playing every game!

Our Ace leader for the year put up a huge number and made a run at the all time record

24 – Julie Gilbert!  Congrats on having perfectd accuracy a LOT this year!


2021 Most Turbo Round Wins – another tight race

4 – Keith Curreri

4 -Tim Boesch

4 – Bob Wizniewski

4 – Mark Avery Claridge

5 – Greg Duffy

5 – Justin McLaughlin

And winning the award for Most Turbo Round Wins (or being the most clutch as i think of it) is ….

6 – Oscar Ocampo, Congratulations!!


Now the playoffs …

The 9 team bracket playing for a $220 winners prize, and a $120 second place prize is as follows …

1. G & J

Plays winner of 8 vs. 9 game


8. Wiz Bang

Vegaas says Wiz Bang has a 58% chance of victory!


5. Deboccery

4. Up and Coming Ball Handlers

Vegas says Up and Coming Ball Handlers have a 70% chance of victory!  


2. Tappa Kegga Beera

7. Theos

Vegas likes Tappa Kegga Beera and thinks they have a 77% chance of victory!


3. Jump On It

6. Blonde Bocce Bitches

Vegas say Jump On It has a 70% chance of victory!

Good luck everybody! Games start at 10am SHARP! on Saturday August 28th, with free food and prizes to follow.


The top 12 teams playing for the Turbo Bocce Championship are the following …

12. Kiss My Ace

11. Rolling Greens

10. Higgs Massive Particles

9. Mean Girls

8. We’d Rather Be Playing Bocce

7. Some Innuendo

6. Slustin

5. Gospel of Tilc

4. Salty Bocce Balls

3. Where’s Pauly

2. Breaking Ballz

and your Turbo Bocce Regular Season Champions are …

1. New Day Co-Op 26-4 congratulations on a great record, a great strength of schedule, and a huge BCS number!!!


The playoffs are as follows with the champion winning $450 and the second place team winning $230 …


1. New Day Co-Op

Plays the winner of 8. We’d Rather be Playing Bocce and 9. Mean Girls

Vegas says We’d Rather be Playing Bocce have a 56% chance of victory!


4. Salty Bocce Balls

Plays the winner of 5. Gospel of Tilc and 12. Kiss My Ace

Vegas likes the defending champs and only gives of Tilc a 55% chance of victory!


2. Breaking Balls

Plays the winner of 7. Some Innuendo and 10. Higgs Massive Particles

Vegas gives Some Innuendo a 61% chance of victory!


3. Where’s Pauly

Plays the winner of 6.  Slustin and 11. Rolling Greens

Vegas give Slustin a 58% chance of victory!  


Good luck everybody! Games start at 10am SHARP! on Saturday August 28th with games and prizes to follow!