Festa Italia

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Syracuse Italian Fest bocce tournament!


1) This bocce tournament is the 3rd leg of the Bocce Triple Crown along with our 1 on 1 tournament, and our championship.

2) This is a 4 on 4 double elimination tournament.

3) They play bocce in a court and the rule is you have to roll the ball.

4) It costs $60 per team to play ($15 per person).

5) Games start at 9am this Saturday the 17th.

6) No pre-registration just show up before 9 with the money and you get to play.

7) Turbo Bocce teams won the last 7 championships up until last year when our streak was snapped.  Time to win it again!

8) Pro tip – get there early – 8:30 am at least – they put you in the bracket based on when you register and in the past all the Turbo Bocce teams end up playing each other because we all wait until the last minute to register.

9) For more info go to the Festa Italia Website HERE