Indoor Bocce Championship Recap

With the regular season over, and the regular season winners acknowledged. Its time to move onto the playoffs.

We did our entire playoffs in one crazy random draw tournament, and now you get to watch the highlights and read the recap. Lucky you!

First lets talk about what is at stake here. The winner will be the first ever Turbo Bocce indoor champion … meaning they will be the greatest indoor bocce player of all time! What’s more, there is a Turbo Bocce championship on the line here and Turbo Bocce championships are a BIG deal. I keep a list of all the things I want to do before I die neatly filed in a bucket. First on that list is winning the Turbo Bocce championship. I still need to come up with a catchy name for this bucket filled with things I want to do before I die. I’m thinking “basket index.” Yes. That’s a good name for it. I could see this catching on.

Anyway, not only will the winner get eternal fame and glory. They will get this cool trophy filled with beer!

There was a big crowd as bocce gladiators from around the city came to test their luck on the All-Star Alley bocce courts. Everybody’s name got written on a piece of paper and pulled out of a hat. The frist two names became partners, and played the next two names chosen, and so on …

The first name pulled was Greg Griffo. Second was Amy Bramhall. They had to play Mark Avery Claridge and Kelly Edmonston. As you can see in this highlight … Mark Avery and Kelly used some pretty good bocce combined with GREAT celebrating to win the game!

Next Corey Bramhall and Oscar Ocampo were teamed up and had to play Bryan Mullane and Jodi Jones. Corey and Oscar jumped out to a big 9-2 lead, but Bryan and Jodi came all the way back and won!

Next our Tuesday regular season champions happened to be chosen to be on the same team. Jim Whipple and John Bauman played two Paul’s Bender and Colabufo. Jim and John won the game, as they are accustom to doing in the outdoor league.

After two Paul’s were placed together, two Rob’s were then put together, in this case Jones and Calvani. They took on Andy Ingalls and Emily Cummings, and managed to win.

Finally the Carr family took on the Burkett family with the Burkett family taking the win.

All the losing teams were eliminated, while the winning teams players were put back into a hat and redrawn to for new teams for round 2.

In this round Robb Jones and Jodi Jones were placed together against Mark Avery Claridge and Rob Calvani, with team Jones coming out on top.

While Bryan Mullane and John Bauman had to face off against Kelly Edmonston and Jim Whipple, and managed to win.

You can get a glimpse of both games here, including a 4 point round!

Moving on to round 3. The remainging 4 undefeated players were paired up and squared off for a spot in the finals.

This time Bryan Mullane and Robb Jones faced off against John Bauman and Jodi Jones. Bryan and Robb ended up winning a close game.

This automatically pitted Bryan Mullane and Robb Jones against each other in the finals. If you’ve paid any attention to big Turbo Bocce tournaments this year, you might recognize these two. They were in fact the two finalists in our one on one tournament. Bryan bested Robb in that competition. But in this competition Robb was not going to be beat. Both players made great shots, and played top level bocce, but in the end Robb would not be denied.

Check out these championship level shots …

Watch the championship winning shot here! Robb is sitting game point, and Bryan missed his attempt to bocce it away …

Congratulations Robb!