Indoor Tournament Info

A 9 team double elimination tournament takes 17 games to complete. We are doing a “group” style tournament, which will only take 11 games to complete, and will involve far less waiting around for everybody. Plus everybody will get a minimum of 2 games just like a double elimination tournament.

Teams have been randomly selected into one of 3 groups. Everybody will play everybody else in their group in games up to 11 straight (no winning by 2 here!). The winner of each group will advance to the final 4, so will the team who scores the most points of anybody who does not win their group (so if you have one really good team in your group you’ve still got a chance!). All tie breakers will be determined by the total number of points each team scores (which is why there is no win by 2 requirement in this tournament).

The team with the best record will play the team with the worst record in the final four, and the two middle teams will play each other, with the winners going to the championship game!

Good luck! Here are the groups and the schedule.

Group A

Balls on Balls


Benny Fazio Criminal Mastermind


Group B

Win or Booze


Toxic Balls


Group C

Salty Bocce Balls

Mr. Bob Dobalina

The Newlyweds



Balls on Balls vs. KLF

Win or Booze vs. Picklebacks

Salty Bocce Balls vs. Mr. Bob Dobalina

Benny Fazio Criminal Mastermind vs. Balls on Balls

Toxic Balls vs Win or Booze

Salty Bocce Balls vs. The Newlyweds

KLF vs. Benny Fazio Criminal Mastermind

Picklebacks vs Toxic Balls

Mr. Dobalina vs The Newlyweds