Indoor Week 1 Recap

Yesterday marked the dawn of a new era of Turbo Bocce … the indoor era!

Unlike the fully developed and extremely popular outdoor league, this indoor iteration is bound to be a continually adapting work in progress for a while … but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a lot of fun on the journey (just like we did in the early days of the outdoor league!).

With colors firmly nailed to the mast, we opened our doors for the first time (metaphorically speaking) at 5:30, and arrivals seemed to be pretty evenly staggered between 6:00 and 8:00 with pretty constant streams of people coming in ready to compete. It was a great place to learn how to play indoor bocce, and given the number of indoor bocce virgins it probably would have been a great place to make some kind of unusual sacrifice to an angry volcano god with weird taste.

Is there anything more hopeful than opening day? Especially this opening day, where everybody is new and playing on a completely even playing field. I personally love the fact that nobody had more experience than anybody else and the accompanying “anything is possible” feeling that followed.

Even if we were still learning the rules, it felt to me like everybody was ready to do the undoable, know the unkowable, and F the ineffable! Is that enough of a double entendre? No? Maybe one more … something about balls and rugs … it will come to me.

You probably want some results and highlights, so lets get to that!

My first observation, everybody is surprisingly good, and pretty equal on the indoor bocce court. Winning or losing is the matter of a couple of inches.

Here’s a free indoor bocce lesson from outdoor champ Greg Griffo, who actually surprisingly lost this game.

My second observation … bocce’s happen, a lot.

Tony killing it with an underhand shot!

Amy Bramhall had some savage bocce’s that will break your heart … I know because this was against my team!

My third observation, don’t mess with Emily Cummings, Andy Ingalls, Tracy Hatch, Dan Moran Ryan O’Donnell, and Tim Taylor who all managed to go undefeated on the court. Ryan and Tim went 2-0 which is the best anybody did while still being undefeated.

Check out Emily showing her skill!

My final observation, there are going to be a lot of prizes given out throughout the year thanks to All Star Alley who was awesome to us!!

Tracy Hatch and Dan Moran each got $10 in free video games by winning their first game, and Danielle Guiffre, Tony Guiffre, Ryan O’Donnell, and Paul Colabufo each got a free game of bowling (shoes included!) for winning a big 8 person showdown game!

Here are the standings I’ve got right now.

Court Bocce Results

Paul Colabufo 3 -1

Ryan O’Donnell 2-0

Tim Taylor – 2-0

Andy Ingalls– 1 – 0

Emily Cummings1 – 0

Tracy Hatch 1-0

Dan Moran 1-0

Jason Alvaro1-1

Tony Guiffre 1-1

Danielle Guiffre 1-1

Tim Maynard1-2

John Bauman 1-2

Greg Griffo 0-1

Cal Callahan 0-1

Jodi Jones 0-1

Amy Bramhall0-1

Rob Calvani 0-1

Jim Whipple0-1

Ben Guzalt 0-2

Table Bocce Results

Jason Alvaro 1-0

Tim Taylor 0-1

These videos have taught me something … its more fun to play with balls on a rug. Boom. There it is, the double entandre! This is the perfect place to end the recap. See you next week!

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