Indoor Week 4 Recap

Did everybody enjoy wacthing the Super Bowl? I didn’t catch the game myself, instead I decided to watch my two favorite TV shows – Party of Five and a fictional show about farting I invented called Fart-y of Pive.

***Quick note about how out-dated this joke is. This year’s Super Bowl was number LII. The last time Party of Five aired, they were only on Super Bowl XXXIII; in that game John Elway lead the Denver Broncos to a win over the Chris Chandler lead Atlanta Falcons. Both QB’s now receive senior discounts when they go out, and both of the game’s announcers are now dead. Immediately after the game, Family Guy aired for the very first time. Cher sang the national anthem and she’s 71 years old now. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy did the half time show … I’m serious. I didn’t believe it either but it happened, look it up! Anyway, my point is, Party of Five came out a long time ago, and also jokes about farts are funny.

Anyway … here are a few bocce highlights …

Look at that last shot just curl in, pretty sweet.

So far Tim Maynard is leading the league in both wins and win percentage with a 7-1 record in court and table bocce combined. Rob Calvani and Paul Colabufo are second with six wins a piece. Nobody in the league is more than one good day away from taking the lead.

Here’s another bocce highlight!

Keep next Tuesday the 13th in mind! In addition to bocce, the Museum of Intrigue escape room is shutting the place down to all visitors and letting us have the run of it all by ourselves. Should be fun!! Plus the cost will be only $20, which is $10 off the normal price. Come to bocce anytime after 5:30, or just meet us at the museum at 6:30. Bring friends!

Here’s a few more highlights … yes … there were a lot of amazing shots last week.

Did you see that double bocce???

And you probably want to see the standings, right?

Court Bocce Results

Tim Maynard 5-1

Paul Colabufo 5 -1

Mike Burkett 4-2

Tim Taylor – 3-3

Jason Alvaro3-2

Mark Avery Claridge 3-1

John Bauman 3-3

Greg Griffo 3-1

Rob Calvani 3-2

Ryan O’Donnell 2-0

Tracy Hatch 2-0

Dan Moran 2-0

Amy Bramhall 2-0

Jodi Jones 2-3

Tony Guiffre 2-2

Danielle Guiffre 1-3

Andy Ingalls–1 – 0

Paul – 1-4

Emily 1-0

Emily Cummings 1 – 0

Oscar Ocampo – 1-1

Jeff Weiner – 1-0

Anson Zeppetello – 0-1

Meghan Sovocool – 1-3

Amy Bramhall 1-4

Bryan Mullane 1-1

Joe Murphy – 1-1

Kathleen Field – 1-1

Victoria – 1-0

Jim Whipple 0-1

Ben Guzlak 0-3

Andy Thompson – 0-1

Corey Bramhall – 0-1

Cal Callahan 0-1

Nick 0-1


Table Bocce Results

Rob Calvani – 3-0

Jason Alvaro 2-2

Tim Maynard 2-0

Ben Guzlak 2-2

Tony Guffre 2-1

Tim Taylor 1-3

Mark Avery Claridge – 1-0

Paul Colabufo 1-2

Paul 0-1

Jodi Jones 0-1

Meghan Sovocool 0-1

Danielle Guffre 0-2

One last highlight … notice that there are perfect shots in on both courts.  Can both bocce players knock them out at the same time???

Okay they both missed!  Not every shot is perfect you know!  I just make it look that way with my sweet camera skills!

Imagine how cool it would have been if they both got bocces though.  Keep reaching for the sky, that’s what I say.  Maybe next time.