Indoor Week 6 Recap

We’ve got some great highlights this week! Our indoor bocce players really showed off their skills, so kudos to you, and your various agents, reps, hangers-on, and groupies.

I can’t keep you waiting for highlights this time. They are too too good. So I’ll show you some highlights … right after I say this one thing …

There are billions of people in the world, but there are only two KINDS of people. There are bocce players and there are people that order Hooters food to go. Be a bocce player.

Okay highlight time! If you’re wondering they are the things just below the cheesy pick up line type compliments I am giving the shots …

Is Tag Team around? Because right now all I’m hearing is Whoomp There It Is!

Corey Bramhall is like an astronaut, he’s out of this world … and one time he had to poop in a vacuum.

That shot was so sweet I want to do all the things R. Kelly raps about to it.

That shot is a combination of Steph Curry’s jump shot and Jesus’s orgasm.

Are you an art thief? Because this shot is a masterpiece!

And here are our standings.

Court Bocce Results

Greg Griffo 7-2

Mike Burkett 7-4

Paul Colabufo 6 -3

Tim Maynard 5-1

Rob Calvani 4-2

Jodi Jones 4-4

Tim Taylor – 3-3

Jason Alvaro3-2

Mark Avery Claridge 3-3

John Bauman 3-3

Ryan O’Donnell 2-0

Tracy Hatch 2-0

Dan Moran 2-0

Amy Bramhall 2-4

Oscar Ocampo – 2-1

Joe Murphy – 2-2

Tony Guiffre 2-2

Danielle Guiffre 1-3

Andy Ingalls–1 – 0

Jim Flint 1-0

Paul – 1-6

Emily 1-0

Emily Cummings 1 – 0

Jeff Weiner – 1-0

Anson Zeppetello – 0-1

Meghan Sovocool – 1-3

Amy Bramhall 1-4

Bryan Mullane 1-1

Mark Streiff – 1-1

Kathleen Field – 1-2

Victoria – 1-0

Jim Whipple 0-1

Ben Guzlak 0-3

Andy Thompson – 0-1

Corey Bramhall – 0-1

Rob Jones – 0-1

Cal Callahan 0-1

Nick 0-1


Table Bocce Results

Rob Calvani – 3-0

Jason Alvaro 2-2

Tim Maynard 2-0

Ben Guzlak 2-2

Tony Guffre 2-1

Tim Taylor 1-3

Mark Avery Claridge – 2-0

Greg Griffo 1-0

Paul Colabufo 1-3

Paul 0-1

Jodi Jones 0-1

Meghan Sovocool 0-1

Danielle Guffre 0-2