Indoor Week 7 Recap

Who says bocce isn’t a dangerous sport? We’re almost all the way through the season and the injuries are pilling up. Lets take a look at the injury report (names redacted due to HIPAA privacy laws).

Player XXX has a nasty case of senioritis … out 3 months, psychologically unable to perform.

Player XXX’s ass won’t close … day to day; but aren’t we all.

Player XXX is creeped out by the thought that every hand he’s ever shaken has had a dick in it at one time or other … 14 day D.L. (the D stands for dick).

Player XXX has an acute case of cankles … its acute and not chronic so they’re listed as probable to play next week; they’re also on the PUP list, because puppies like to bite the cankles.

As you can see its an extensive injury list, but we were lucky to have a group of brave performers who solidered into combat. Here are some highlights.

First Amy Bramhall makes this great shot to kick the pallino back into two of her balls.

On the VERY NEXT shot Greg Griffo says to me “watch this” so I film it.

The pallino getting knocked out of the court restarts the round, which actually helps Greg’s team since Amy’s team was sitting 2.


Tuesday March 6th will be the LAST day of the regular season and your last chance to get some practice in before the playoffs!

The playoffs will take place the next Tuesday, March 13th at 5:30. Whether you’ve played every week or haven’t played at all this year , anybody can come participate in the playoffs. Its an “open.”

Teams will be selected at random and fabulous prizes will be given to the winner!

If you win the whole thing you will be named the “greatest indoor bocce player of all time!” … until next year.

Court Bocce Results

Mike Burkett 9-7

Greg Griffo 8-3

Paul Colabufo 7 -4

Tim Maynard 5-1

Jodi Jones 5-5

Rob Calvani 4-4

Mark Avery Claridge 4-3

Bryan Mullane 4-1

Amy Bramhall 3-5

Tim Taylor – 3-3

Jason Alvaro3-2

John Bauman 3-3

Ryan O’Donnell 2-0

Tracy Hatch 2-0

Dan Moran 2-0

Amy Bramhall 2-4

Oscar Ocampo – 2-1

Joe Murphy – 2-2

Paul – 2-7

Jim Whipple 2-2

Tony Guiffre 2-2

Danielle Guiffre 1-3

Andy Ingalls–1 – 0

Corey Bramhall – 1-1

Jim Flint 1-0

Emily 1-0

Emily Cummings 1 – 0

Jeff Weiner – 1-0

Anson Zeppetello – 0-1

Meghan Sovocool – 1-3

Mark Streiff – 1-1

Kathleen Field – 1-2

Victoria – 1-0

Ben Guzlak 0-3

Andy Thompson – 0-1

Rob Jones – 0-1

Cal Callahan 0-1

Nick 0-1


Table Bocce Results

Rob Calvani – 3-0

Jason Alvaro 2-2

Tim Maynard 2-0

Ben Guzlak 2-2

Tony Guffre 2-1

Tim Taylor 1-3

Mark Avery Claridge – 2-0

Greg Griffo 1-0

Paul Colabufo 1-3

Paul 0-1

Jodi Jones 0-1

Meghan Sovocool 0-1

Danielle Guffre 0-2