Make Up Pregame

Its the LAST week of the regular season!

Its suppose to rain until 6 and then stop.  I suggest stopping by and playing any of the games you have left to play.

But, since its raining we will have an extra make up week tomorrow, same time same field.

Team stats are all up!  If you want to know how many games you have left to play you can check HERE.

The individual stats are not updated and will be announced (along with final standings and who wins all the awards) on Friday.

Let me know if you think I got anything wrong.

Any games that are not played by tomorrow night will be forfeits, but everybody makes the playoffs.

The playoff brackets will be released on Friday night on this website.

The first round of playoff games will be next Tuesday at 6pm.  You’ll know who you are playing.

You need to win 2 out of 3 games to advance!

If you advance your next game will be 2 Tuesday’s from now at 6pm.  Win that and you make the final 16 tournament on Saturday the 24th at 11am.  There will be free food and we will be giving out awards then so plan to come by even if you are not still playing by then!


And just FYI.  Spending an hour or two a week updating scores is WAY better than doing it all at once.  Wow.

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