Make Up Week Recap

Did a rain storm stop us from playing bocce? No. Did a tornado warning stop us from playing bocce? No. Did the the USA soccer game stop us from playing bocce? Yea, but only for a little while.

It was pretty cool to see fifty or so bocce players all packed into Sharkey’s cheering on the USA. If you missed it, here is a quick recap of all of Tim Howard’s record breaking saves.

Unfortunately the USA lost, but Belgium had a player named Alex Witsel on their team. How are you suppose to beat a guy with a name that cool?

THE Axel Witsel

THE Axel Witsel

Back to bocce news, this was our make-up week. For those that don’t know, every 4th of July week is a make up week, or an extra week put into the schedule to allow teams to catch up any games they might have missed. There will be a second make up week at the end of our ten week season.


A few interesting team notes from the make up week are:

Omnipotence lost all three games they played, which is remarkable only because they have somehow managed to either win all three games or lose all three games every week this season. Luckily for Omnipotence, they have managed to win more than lose.

Black Jesus also had a three win week. They have done a lot of that this season, and have a 14-1 record going into the half way mark of the season. As you might expect they are in first place, so now you know what you have to shoot for to get to the top of the Turbo Bocce world.


Lets give some individual accolades now.

20 Point Club

Greg Griffo of Los Moppines – 20

Greg was actually the only player in the league to reach 20 points this week. It must be the good karma he earned setting up the league for everybody last week while I was away that allowed him to reach the 20 point pinnacle alone this week.

The following players did not set up the bocce league, and did not score 20 points, but did have really excellent weeks nonetheless. They all scored 19.

Becky Szantai of Ball & Chain

Mike Geiss of Mike & Mike

Bryan Mullane of Los Moppines

Rob Mead of Puzzles


5 Bocce Club

Siobhan Christou of Twinning lead the way with a season high 13 bocces, missing the all time record by just three.

Greg Griffo of Los Moppines added 9 bocces to his 20 points, in an impressive week for him.

Phil Martino of Black Jesus had 8.

Kim Pomeroy of Blonde Bocce Bitches had 7.

Joe Mead of Puzzles and Sherri Walakis of Blonde Bocce Bitches each had 6.

Mike Geiss of Mike & Mike had 5.


Multiple Ace Club

George Christou of Black Jesus, Paul Colabufo of Breakfast of Champions, Kim Pomeroy of Blonde Bocce Bitches, Sherri Walakis of Blonde Bocce Bitches, and Mike Geiss of Mike & Mike all tied for the Ace lead with 2.