Make-Up Week Recap

The make-up week was very well attended this year, and very few teams left unplayed games on the table, which is always a good thing. We also managed to avoid the rain that all the weather experts predicted we would get, which is nice as I hate to see teams trying to make up missed games in the rain.

There is no bounty during the make-up week because the bounty prize is designed to encourage people to show up regularly and giving money out during the make-up week would be rewarding everybody except those teams that came to play every week during the year. So instead of punishing the mot loyal teams with a bounty prize they would not be able to win, we rewarded all the teams who showed up every week by giving them free food and drinks. Just a thank you from the league for your loyal support.

With just a few exceptions, this was not a huge week for compiling individual statistics, but lets honor those who deserve honoring.

The twenty point club is a small one this week with just two members.

Joe Schatz from Ball Don’t Lie scored 23 points on the day, including setting a record in his first game that will never be broken, by scoring 11 points in a single game that only went up to 11. This is the first time that has ever happened, and though it may be matched sometime in the future, Joe can rest easy knowing it will never be eclipsed. Stay tuned for more info about Joe’s exciting day.

Paul Colabufo from Breakfast of Champions scored 20.

That, my friends, is the whole list. Though Hammer from Beer United deserves a mention as he played two make up games and had impressive totals of 19 and 18 in each.

If you can believe it, the ten bocce club is even smaller.

Robb Jones from team Mark & Robb had 10 bocces on the day and must stand alone because this is a club of one.

Paul from Breakfast of Champions came the closest to joining the club with 9 bocces.

The league must have aced itself out last week. After a record nine members of the three ace club last week we only had one this week.

Josh Wheeler of team Knickerbocces had 3 aces, which was a head above a very large pack of players who managed “only” 2 aces.

The real intrigue of the day came in the competition for medals. By my count 120 people played at least one game of bocce with us this year, and 80 people played a full season. Despite so many worthy competitors, Turbo Bocce only awards 5 regular season medals (not counting the George Christou award).

The medal for regular season champion has been locked up for quite some time by Jim Whipple and John Bowman of New Bocce Order.

Likewise the medal for most points has been firmly in Jim Whipple’s hands for quite a while now.

Phil Martino of team South Beach won a close race for most bocces last week, because nobody playing during the make-up week was within striking range of his total of 73.

The last two medals, however, were decided on the final day of play

Andy Ingalls of team South Beach was the ace leader going into the make up week with 18, but he had already played all 30 of his games. Keith Curreri from Some Innuendeo was his closest competition with 16 aces, and 3 games left to play. Keith was only able to manage 1 ace during his game (a rivalry game between his partner Julie, and her former partner Badger) ending with 17, one short of the league leader Andy.

Therefore Andy Ingalls will win the medal for most aces this year with 18 aces total. Congratulations Andy.

Probably the best race of the day (and the most unlikely) came from the Rookie of the Year competition. Coming into the day, Scott Popp of 2 Balls On Your Ace had 163 points, and had played all 30 of his games. This seemed plenty to win the award because he had a 24 point lead over his closest competitor Jake Schatz of Ball Don’t Lie who had 3 games left to make up. 24 might not be an impossible gap to close, but considering it is the most points anybody has scored in a day this year, I’d say its at least pretty damn difficult.

Jake made things interesting in the very first game by putting up 11 points. Unfortunately he ultimately fell a single point shy of making one of the most impressive medal challenges ever. Still, since Scott’s total of 163 is the second highest total ever for a rookie, Jake’s 162 is mighty impressive.

So our 2013 medal winners go like this:

John Bowman & Jim Whipple – Regular Season Champions

Jim Whipple – Point Leader

Phil Martino – Bocce Leader

Andy Ingalls – Ace Leader

Scott Popp – Rookie of the year

For the last time I want to list the individual high’s for the year and records that were set so we have a running total.

Individual Highs:

Most points scored in a match – Tim Maynard – Lord of the Balls & Dan Hanley – Sweet Italian Bocce Balls 24

Most bocces in a match – Phil Martino – South Beach – 15

Most aces in a match – Sandy Colabufo – Omnipotence & Andy Ingalls – South Beach – 5

Longest game of the year – Ball Busters defeat the Clydesdales 16-14

Highest bounty win – BBB – $80


Most wins in a season – New Bocce Order – 27

Most points in a season – Jim Whipple – New Bocce Order – 190

Most points in a three game set where the team does not win a game – Dan Hanley – Sweet Italian Bocce Balls – 23

Most individual points in a single game up to 11 – Jake Schatz – Ball Don’t Lie – 11

Most Buzz Saw’s in a career – Hammer McCarthy – Beer United – 2

At the White Water Pub, our usual bartender was not there to hand out the George Christou award, so the terrible burden of having to choose fell to the newest face of Turbo Bocce, my sister, Anna.

She chose Angela Morosini of team Double A’s in what seemed like a good pick.

If you want to see more pictures of the make up week (all taken by Greg Griffo – thanks Greg) go to our Facebook page HERE.