Mid Season Recap

We’re about half way through the season, and we took an appropriately timed “all star break” from bocce to enjoy the escape room at the mall. It was fun, everybody succeeded (except those who competed against each other, which is a thing) and at the end they gave us a plaque that read “You are the smartest group of people that has ever graced these four walls.”

Just kidding we never got a plaque. One of the employees actually told me I did a terrible job, but he was probably kidding. Right? Right?

We did solve all the problems though, and here are some pics!

A big group playing a competitive riddle solving game.


We solved the riddle to open the sarcophagus and steal the amulet off the neck of the skeleton!

This “all start break” stuff doesn’t mean there wasn’t any bocce played. It really just means we took an hour or two off to play some other games as well.

This spooky area was one of my favorites. They also had a museum, a science lab, a rain forest, an archaeological dig for bones site, a pirate ship, a viking area, and a mansion.

Here are the standings …

Court Bocce Results

Greg Griffo 6-1

Mike Burkett 6-3

Paul Colabufo 6 -1

Tim Maynard 5-1

Rob Calvani 4-2

Tim Taylor – 3-3

Jason Alvaro3-2

Mark Avery Claridge 3-3

Jodi Jones 3-4

John Bauman 3-3

Ryan O’Donnell 2-0

Tracy Hatch 2-0

Dan Moran 2-0

Amy Bramhall 2-4

Oscar Ocampo – 2-1

Joe Murphy – 2-2

Tony Guiffre 2-2

Danielle Guiffre 1-3

Andy Ingalls–1 – 0

Paul – 1-5

Emily 1-0

Emily Cummings 1 – 0

Jeff Weiner – 1-0

Anson Zeppetello – 0-1

Meghan Sovocool – 1-3

Amy Bramhall 1-4

Bryan Mullane 1-1

Kathleen Field – 1-2

Victoria – 1-0

Jim Whipple 0-1

Ben Guzlak 0-3

Andy Thompson – 0-1

Corey Bramhall – 0-1

Rob Jones – 0-1

Cal Callahan 0-1

Nick 0-1


Table Bocce Results

Rob Calvani – 3-0

Jason Alvaro 2-2

Tim Maynard 2-0

Ben Guzlak 2-2

Tony Guffre 2-1

Tim Taylor 1-3

Mark Avery Claridge – 2-0

Paul Colabufo 1-3

Paul 0-1

Jodi Jones 0-1

Meghan Sovocool 0-1

Danielle Guffre 0-2

We’ve got to start talking playoffs! I’m thinking whoever shows up Tuesday March 13th is in the playoffs and is playing for the title! Email paul@turbobocce.com with questions or problems about that date.

Then there is the ever-present talk of doing an all day tournament during the opening day of the NCAA tournament (if you haven’t come seen us yet, that place is FULL of televisions and will have every game on at the same time, most likely on multiple move screen size screens). I need to know if we have interest, and if we do, I’ll make sure we get the $3 beer specials.