Old Home Distillery Week!

Its Old Home Distillery Week! And this is a historic week in Turbo Bocce history … because we’ve had all kinds of beer available at bocce through the years, but this is our first top notch liquor tasting! Remember when we were taste-testers for Sam Adams and got to give our opinions on what new beers they should release? That was fun, but this will be better! I’m really excited … I might even have an erection right now … nope … just excited about trying this liquor.

Anyway, lets talk about what you get from Old Home Distillery Week. In addition to our normal beer selection (Founders All Day IPA, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Vienna, and Coors) there will be a liquor tasting, and a signature drink using Old Home Distillery gin … a little something I’m calling Turbo Gin Fizz: because slow gin isn’t our style: I know its spelled sloe and not slow, I’m trying to do a play on words here. Do you think that name is too long? Perhaps you think two sub headings is too much for a drink? Or maybe you’re just wondering what’s in a Turbo Gin Fizz, and just how delicious its going to be. Well I’m going to answer that last question for you now. Its going to be the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted! As to what’s in it, I’ll get into that soon. But first lets talk about Old Home Distillery.

Old Home is a family run farm, and their distillery uses only home grown New York State grain and fruit etc. The result is a super premium spirit of the highest quality.

And lets not forget that family touch. Old Home Distillery is a family run business and it shows. In this case they will be at our field personally giving out taste tests. That’s what families do, give each other liquor. Right? I mean, that’s what my family does.

Lets backtrack for a second. We’re going to have a liquor tasting at bocce! That’s sophisticated. Its sexy. A little dangerous. Like drinking Daisy Buchanan or Menelaus.

I bet you want to want to try a Turbo Gin Fizz now! I bet you want to know what’s in it. Well here’s the ingredient list.

  • Old Home Distillery Gin, duh.
  • Lime Juice
  • Fizz
  • Water purified from the Pope’s tears
  • Ice that is actual diamonds
  • A secret ingredient that’s NOT love – I just blew your mind! Is love even a secret ingredient anymore? Everybody knows about it.
  • Fresh squeezed love

You know what, lets keep this easy, Gin, Lime, and Fizz, that’s pretty much all you need to know.

Here’s a list of places where you should order Old Home Distillery liquor:

Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge

All Star Alley & Tavern

Apizza Regionale

The Cider Mill

Funk n’ Waffles

Hallinan’s Wine and Liquors

Kitty Hoyne’s Irish Pub

Laci’s Tapas Bar

Liquor, Wine & Moonshine

Modern Malt

Pressroom Pub

Shifty’s Bar & Grill

SKY Armory

The Stoop Kitchen

Stout Beard Brewing Company