Turbo Bocce Champions!

After the first year without Turbo Bocce since 2004, we’ve finally crowned a new champion. Congratulations John Bauman and Greg Griffo!


End of season awards, playoff brackets, and Vegas odds!!

I’ve got a lot of info to give, so lets get to it!!

2021 points leaders … I’ve always considered 150 points to be the mark of a great year, so here is the 150 point club this season

150 – Heather Cleveland

159 – Pat Pascarella

159 – Rob Marino (two teammates tied for points, wow, what a great season!)

161 – Scott Mead

171- Bryan Mullane

171- Kevin Curreri

Great job guys, 170+ is the mark of a GREAT great year!  You were so close to taking home the medal, but our points leader is

Travis Taylor – 176  Congratulations!


2021 Bocce Leaders

30 – Mike Burkett

31 – Oscar Ocampo

33 – Rob Calvani

35 – Jeff Weiner

35 – Heather Cleveland (what a great year you had!)

39 – Chelsea Kniffen – … Read More »

Championship news!!

Here are some long overdue announcements!

First of all, Congrats to Greg Griffo for winning the one-on-one
championship in July. He beat out Scott Mead in an exciting final
round of the double elimination tournament in an amazing display of
bocce skills by both players.

MarkAvery Claridge won the title in the first annual Sand Bocce
Tournament. Again, Scott Mead was the guy to beat in the final
round. I think it’s fair to say, Scott might be one guy to watch out for
in the championship this year.

Championship weekend is almost here. First round begins at 10am on
Saturday August 28 th with the championship-round to begin around
4pm. The last day to get regular season games in is Tuesday, Aug 24 th . Some teams really
should try to … Read More »

Newbie’s Guide to Turbo Bocce

The season starts THIS WEEK!  So whether you are new to the league, or just need a refresher on how we play, here is your place for some quick info.

How to play in 5 easy steps (skip if you already know how to play):



1) Flip a coin (or agree on another way to choose who shoots first)

2) The team who gets the first shot also gets to place the starting box (usually referred to as “the box” or sometimes “the mat”) and gets to throw the pallino.  The person who throws the pallino has to throw the first ball (must have … Read More »