June 16, 2005

To my children, I wish you all good day. The Pope’s friend he-a tell him that his prayers have been answered and the first-a week of B.O.O.B.S it much success. That make me, the Pope, it make me very pleased. I wish you all many of-a the blessings in the future and look forward to helping everyone with the problems.

Dear Pope,

I was wondering if you could tell me when the Bocce Babe of the Week might be
posted on the web-site. I love the site but and have found almost all of what
i was looking for, but I was hoping to be able to masterbate to something while at BOOBS.com. Unfortunately, up … Read More »

2005 Preseason Predictions

With the season beginning tomorrow, two of B.O.O.B.S. official commentators do their damned jobs and comment on their predicted team standings.

The Next Ferdie Pacheco? Barry Bonds retires from MLB, joins B.O.O.B.S.

Is Ferdie Pacheco’s legend in danger?

Barry Bonds shocked the sporting world today as he announced his retirement from Major League Baseball (MLB). This announcement came as a result of his season long injury woes, and grew even more shocking as Bonds’ proceeded to announce what his future plans will be, now that he has left baseball.

“Today, Barry Bonds is retiring from the game of baseball. There, do you see what you have done, you did it. This is my family we are talking about, my family. Yeah I married a white woman, and you call me a racist? I’m Barry Bonds. Get that thing out of my face,” a relatively easy going Bonds … Read More »

Joey Musso Speaks

Yo, so I was walkin’ down Salina Street da otha day after a bought myself a choice new gold chain and I sees one a my bocce boys comin’ ‘round da corner, lookin’ all depressed or something, who knows with these bambinos, ya know? I figure he’s just upset at his little lady for beatin’ him at the last B.O.O.B.S open, so I says to him, “Hey, look at dis guy, thinks he knows bocce,” tryin’ ta rag on him, ya know? He jus’ walks up to me all slow and hunched ova like someone jus’ stole his favorite corkscrew or somethin’, and he says, “Yo Joey, my goomah jus’ trew me out da house.”

Now I jus’ … Read More »