Bocce Nirvana

Two vampires walk into a pub and sit down at the bar.
“I’ll have a bloody mary,” Vampire #1 asked of the bartender.
“Make that two?” assumed the bartender to the second Vampire whom was frequenting his bar.
“Not tonight, chappy,” answered Vampire #2, “I’ll have a cup of hot water.”
“You got it,” said the bartender.
The first vampire was perplexed at such an odd request made by his friend.
“You’re embarrassing me, man. C’mon order a real drink, we need to get some pie tonight.”
“Nope, I have an idea.”
Both drinks arrived and while drinking his bloody mary, the first vampire remained just as perplexed.
“Watch this,” said the second vampire.
The vampire then took a used tampon out of his pocket, and to the wonder … Read More »

June 06, 2005

Good day, to the fellow bocce players. I-a come before all of you, as a fellow fan of-a the B.O.O.B.S. and servant. I, the Pope have been told many of you have-a some questions and are-a seeking the guidance. Thees fact it does not surprise the Pope, as I know you are all chronic, how you say, boozehounds. I-a welcome this opportunity to engage my-a fans, and I-a the Pope look to receive more of-a your letters. And now to-a the letters. God bless all of you.