Playoff – Round 1 – Recap

Since I was not at bocce this week, and do not have any pictures, I’m afraid this will not be the best of recaps.  So we will keep it short and sweet, give out all the relevant information, and then follow it up with a bonus playoff article.

Lets start with the days individual leaders, who deserve to be recognized.  Keep in mind that unlike the regular season where you play three games no matter what, in the playoffs you play a best of three series, so the third game is not always played.

Points leader – Chris Christou – team KPP – 18

Points Per Game Leader – Dan Hanley – Sweet Italian Bocce Balls – 14 points in a two game sweep.

Bocce Leader – Julie Gilbert – Some Innuendo – 6

Bocce Per Game Leader – Ken Brenner – 5 bocces in a two game sweep.

Ace Leader – Brandon Dyer – Bocce Balboa – 2

Individual accolades are fun, but we all know that its team success (or failure) that really matters in the playoffs.  So with that in mind, lets get to the games and the results.

Bocce Balboa vs. Opportunity Knocks – Opportunity Knocks got the win with two straight and Kate Gillen scoring 13.

Omnipotence vs. Sweet Italian Bocce Balls – Sweet Italian Bocce Balls won two straight with Dan Hanley scoring 14.

Some Innuendo vs. Bocce Said She Was 18 – Some Innuendo won two games to one, 13-9, 4-11, 11-4, Julie Gilbert helped her team with 6 bocces while Keith, Julie, and Steve all scored 14 points.

DaVinci vs. Teachers Unioin – Teachers Union got the win two games to one with 11-4, 4-11, 12-6 scores.  Mark Chambers had 13 and Frank Demauro had 14.

BBB vs. Off All Day – Off All Day won both games with both Mark Avery and Ken Brenner scoring 11 points, and Ken putting up 5 bocces in two games.

BC Bocce Girls vs. One Eyed Fish – One Eyed Fish won both games with Guy scoring 11 and Tony 9.

Double A’s vs.  Snakes on a Pallino – Snakes on a Pallino won both games with a balanced attack.  Both Ryan and Jess scoring 12.

KPP vs. Neighborhood Balls – KPP won two games to one in two blow outs and one close one at the end.  The scores were 6-11,11-1,11-9.  Chris Christou lead the way with 18 points while Bill Kaminski made the winning bocce.

Congratulations to the winners.  And a big thank you to all the teams who participated in our league this year. If your team lost we still want to see you.  Feel free to come next Tuesday and drink for free if you are willing to score keep.