Playoffs: Round 1 Recap & Round 2 Vegas Odds!

The first round of the Turbo Bocce playoffs came and went with exactly zero upsets (which in itself is kind of an upset, I don’t remember that ever happening before). When I say zero upsets I mean the higher seed won every game.

To me that’s boring. Do you think the first round of the playoffs was boring? Feel free to respond with your opinion in the comments section.

They say that a bad first round means a good second round, so I am expecting fireworks in the second round, no way do we have an entire tournament go even close to how it is seeded.

So now that I’ve given spoilers as to how every game played out, and already told you it was boring lets go through each game one by one! I’m already regretting starting this article the way I did . . .

Black Jesus Bracket

32 seed Omnipotence vs. 33 seed Boccesaurus Rex

Vegas gave Omnipotence a slim 51% chance of victory. I would say Omnipotence out performed expectations winning the series in two games 11-4 and 11-1.  I’d definitely say that the shot below constitutes over performing expectations.

24 seed Salty Bocce Balls 2.0 vs. 41 seed Mean Girls

Vegas gave Salty Bocce Balls 2.0 a 66% chance of victory, and I’d say Vegas got the prediction pretty much right. Salty Bocce Balls 2.0 won the series in two games, but both games were very close and hard faught 13-8 and 11-9.

Dog Brothers Bracket

29 seed Danielle & Tony vs. 36 seed Jeff & Tina

Vegas gave the higher seed Danielle & Tony a 54% chance of victory. But in a long hard fought battle the lower seed Jeff & Tina won the series 11-9, 5-11, 11-8. So, yeah, I lied about there being no upsets, just to see if you were going to read it all and pay attention. Think of me as the M. Night Shyamalon of Boocce when you remember this disappointing twist!! Its still less disappointing than no upsets at all though, and less disappointing than an M. Night Shyamalon movie. Right?

20 seed Dazed and Confused vs. 45 seed Burkett

Vegas gave Dazed and Confused an 80% chance of victory, but now you have no idea about how this game turned out because of my lies. That’s a good lesson for all of us, always lie. Its more exciting. This game actually went to chalk however, and Dazed and Confused won the series in two games.

21 seed Twinning vs. 44 seed Ballzania

Vegas gave Twinning a respectable 65% chance of winning this game, and I’d say Twinning out performed Vegas’s expectations, winning the series in two fairly dominating games, 11-2 and 14-4.  Pay attention, because the bocce in this video comes FAST.

28 seed Arnold and DeVito Twins vs. 37 seed Buff Ave Babes

Vegas gave Arnold and DeVito Twins a 68% chance of victory in the game. What their formula did not take into account was that Caity Ferrari was away on her honeymoon so Jacque Stapleton was forced to play this game with a substitute who never played in our league before. If Vegas had known that, they probably would have made Arnold and DeVito Twins even stronger favorites to win the game. And then if they saw that Arnold and DeVito Twins won the first game 11-2 they probably would have made them prohibotive favorites. But even with so much against her Jacque and her sub partner Luke managed to fight back and win the second game of the series 11-8 in impressive fashion, before finally falling in the third game 12-4.

Tuesday Night Lights Bracket

30 seed Boccelism vs. 35 seed Belles of the Ball

Vegas gave Boccelism a 54% chance of victory and this series was as close as you’d expect it to be. Belles of the Ball won the first game 11-7, but Boccelism came back strong in the second game, winning 11-4 and forcing a decisive game three. The third game was long and competitive (I can attest because I was the scorekeeper) but eventually Boccelism came out on top winning the game 11-8, and the series.

14 seed Blue Ballz vs. 51 seed Alcoballics

This was the largest seed disparity in the first round and Vegas responded by giving Blue Ballz a big 91% chance of victory. The series was much closer than you might expect. Blue Ballz won the first game, but not by much, coming from behind to squeak out an 11-8 victory. The second game was competitive as well, but Blue Ballz won the game 11-5, winning the series.  Here’s a highlight of a great shot, but because the shot was on a hill, it wasn’t such a great shot.

27 seed Bocce Against the Machine vs. 38 seed Blonde Bocce Bitches

Vegas gave Bocce Against the Machine a 60% chance of victory, but my memory says those guys always seem to step it up at playoff time. They did here, over performing expectations with a two game series sweep 13-4 and 11-9 against a veteran Blonde Bocce Bitches who would not go out easy and played very well in the second game.

Breakfast of Champions Bracket

18 seed Double A’s vs. 47 seed Corey & Jodi

Vegas gave Double A’s a big 80% chance of victory, and in this one Double A performed up to those lofty expeectations, winning the series in a two game sweep, 11-0 and 11-3.

15 seed Eazy Duz It vs. 50 seed Spigets

I have a feeling that Vegas will really like Eazy Duz It’s resume throughout the playoffs. In this game they had an 82% chance of victory and they responded with a big two game sweep 11-1, and 11-2.

23 seed Dangerous Duo vs. 42 seed Lam Shack

Vegas gave Dangerous Duo a 63% chance of victory, but Lam Shack came out strong and won the first game 11-8. In the second game Dangerous Duo found their form and won big 11-3 setting up a decisive third game in which Dangerous Duo was able to keep their hot form and win 11-6.

26 seed Dragging BallZ vs. 39 seed Lorianne & I

Vegas gave Dragging BallZ a 58% chance of victory, and Dragging BallZ outperformed those odds, first by winning a very close first game 11-9, and then by dominating in the second game 11-2 and winning the series.

Oddly, Vegas predicted two upsets in the first round and neither of the teams predicted to pull the upset showed up, forfeiting their games. Too bad, because I’m always most interested in the games where Vegas gives the lower seeded team higher odds of winning.

The winning teams will all come next Tuesday to face off. Here are the brackets. Below the bracket will be the Vegas Odds for the second round!!

If you are lucky enough to play in one of these games, they all start at 6 unless you let me know ahead of time you can’t make it.


Black Jesus Bracket

(1) Black Jesus vs (32) Omniopotence . . . Vegas says . . . Black Jesus has a 93% chance of victory.

(17) Kentucy Bourbon vs (16) Some Innuendo . . . Vegas says . . . Kentucky Bourbon have a 59% chance of victory. A rare upset choice (although not a huge upset by any means with both teams being only one seed apart)

(9) New Beginnings the 4th vs (24) Salty Bocce Balls . . . Vegas says . . . New Beginnings the 4th with a 65% chance of victory.

(8) Kiss My Ace vs (25) Marino Brothers . . . Vegas says . . . Kiss My Ace with a 66% chance of victory.

Dog Brothers Bracket

(4) Dog Brothers vs (29) Jeff & Tina . . . Vegas says . . . Dog brothers with a 70% chance of victory (against the only team to pull an upset in the first round!).

(20) Dazed and Confused vs. (13) Amerika’z Most Wanted . . . Vegas says . . . Amerika’z Most Wanted has a 60% chance of victory in what I say will be one of the most exciting bocce games of this round!

(12) Make Bocce Great Again vs. (21) Twinning . . . Vegas says . . . Make Bocce Great Again has a 51% chance of victory. Its like Vegas ALMOST wanted to call the upset, but chickened out right at the end.

(5) Los Moppines vs. (28) Arnold and DeVito Twins. . . Vegas says . . . Los Moppines with a 62% chance of victory. Vegas seems to like Arnold and DeVito Twins resume!

Tuesday Night Lights Bracket

(3) Tuesday Night Lights vs. (30) Boccelism . . . Vegas says . . . Tuesday Night Lights has an 80% chance of victory. A couple years ago I saw Vegas pick against Boccelism with 99% surety and be wrong so anything is possible!

(14) Blue Ballz vs (19) RIP Kal Throgo . . . Vegas says . . . Coin Flip Game! Each team has a 50% chance of victory. I love it when that happens!

(11) Theo’s vs (22) Tu Madre . . . Vegas says . . . Theo’s has a 55% chance of victory. Close one!

(6) Seek and Destroy vs (27) Bocce Against the Machine . . . Vegas says . . . Seel and Destroy have an 80% chance of victory, but then again I did mention how Bocce agains the Machine seem to step it up in the playoffs so we will see what happens.

Breakfast of Champions Bracket

(2) Breakfast of Champions vs (31) Pargie Ballers . .. Vegas says . . . Breakfast of Champions has an 88% chance of victory.

(15) Eazy Duz It vs (18) Double A’s . . . Vegas says . . . Eazy Duz It has a 71% chance of victory. I knew Vegas was going to like their resume. That’s big odds against such a good team.

(10) G and T’s vs (23) Dangerous Duo . . . Vegas says . . . G and T’s have a 60% chance of victory.

(7) Droppin Balls vs. (26) Dragging BallZ . . . Vegas says . . . Droppin Balls has a 71% chance of victory.

All games start at 6pm sharp!