Preseason Recap

We had a huge turnout on Tuesday to the point where 16 sets of bocce balls were all being used at once!


Everybody in attendance fell into one of two categories. The new people interested in learning how we play, and the people who desperately want to beat these guys:


For you newbies, this is Robb Jones and Mark Streiff, last years Turbo Bocce champions. Right now you might identify with the group who is just here to check out the league and have some fun, but I assure you that before long you will be assimilated into the group that wants to beat Robb and Mark and take the Turbo Bocce championship for themselves. I know this because winning the Turbo Bocce championship is amazing. There’s nothing better.


As you can see from these pictures, most people were hard at work honing their skills for the upcoming year, and catching up with friends they have not had a chance to see since last season, but some people went that extra mile. A few ambitious bocce players formed alliances designed to topple last year’s champs. We call these people, free agents.

Here is the contract they “signed” bonding them to their new partner for the express goal of walking away with the trophy.


Some pretty high profile bocce players have decided to team up, including former bocce champion Andy Ingalls and Tim Maynard who finished third in scoring last year and played for the runner ups the year before.


They seem like a team to be reckoned with, so I hope everybody got their practice in, because starting next week the games are going to count! We have the bright lights up and ready to go, and now is the time to cement your status as bocce’s next superstar!


Now is also the time to get involved in the Turbo Bocce community, so head over to the FORUM and tell everybody what you thought of Sharkey’s, our new bocce field, and the preseason week.