Raise a Glass to Freedom: Wed. July 5th

Celebrate our independence and the the first day in Turbo Bocce history that ride sharing will be available!

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By way of celebration we will be drinking our faces off, but in a safe way; meaning anybody who promises not to drive home gets free drinks! We will also be celebrating America’s independence with patriotic music (think Hamilton!) and sparklers! Oh and bocce, of course!

Every year on the week of 4th of July Turbo Bocce holds a “make up week.” This is an extra week added to our 10 week schedule to allow people to make up games they might have missed in the first half of the season -, and no problem for those who travel 4th of July week, because this is just an extra added week (we have a second make up week at the end of the season).

Since 4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year, there will be no Tuesday League make up day, and both leagues get to come together on a single day to play their make up games (the only time all year this will happen during the regular season!).

This will take a little planning ahead so consider this your fair warning. Come drink for free, celebrate America,and play bocce. Just plan ahead. You can use Lyft, you can use Uber, you can use a designated driver, or you can walk. Just know you won’t get our alcohol if you drive.

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5 Steps to a Successful Uber Day Party.

1) Arrange a ride home ahead of time.

2) Sign a promise not to drink and drive.

3) Drink your face off for free.

4) Win at bocce.

5) Follow through on your promise not to ride home.