Round 2 Vegas Odds/Round 1 Highlights

Here are the updated brackets, complete with Vegas Odds and some highlights of the teams who won to advance into the second round of the playoffs!

As always the Vegas Odds come from a formula that an actual Vegas Sportsbook uses to predict baseball games which we have all the statistical inputs necessary to compute.


Los Moppines Bracket

1 seed Los Moppines vs 32 seed Some Innuendo … And Vegas Says … Some Innuendo has a 17% chance of upset.

17 seed Double A’s vs 16 seed Gone Fishing … And Vegas Says … Gone Fishing has a 52% chance of victory. As you might expect Vegas thinks this is going to be a close one!

9 Blue Balls will play either (24) Buff Ave Babes or (41) AA’s Only Bigger who will make up their game on Tuesday.

8 seed Balls Deep vs 25 seed Salty Bocce Balls … And Vegas Says … Balls Deep is a 67% favorite to win.

Balls Deep had an excellent season and is arguably the hottest team going into the playoffs, having ended the season with back to back 3-0 wins against teams in the top 5. But last week Salty Bocce Balls beat Bocce Buddies despite Buddy (yes the eponymous one) making this great shot, so lets see if Vegas turns out to be right!

Droppin Balls Bracket

4 seed Droppin Balls vs 29 seed 44’s … And Vegas Says … 44’s have a 22% chance of pulling the upset!

Again, hard to argue with Vegas choosing Droppin Balls who played great all year, but 44’s fought back to beat Kristen & Lisa despite this UNBELIEVABLE shot from Kristen! Vegas doesn’t know about this shot …

13 seed G & T’s vs 20 seed Super Bocce Bros … And Vegas Says … Super Bocce Bros have a 44% chance of upset! Vegas likes Super Bocce Bros!

12 seed Twinning vs 21 seed White BALLerion the Dread … And Vegas Says … Twinning is a 56% favorite. Another close one!

5 seed Amerika’z Most Wanted vs 37 seed All’s Fair in Love & Bocce … And Vegas Says … Amerika’z Most Wanted has a 93% chance of victory!

Breakfast of Champions Bracket

2 seed Breakfast of Champions vs 31 seed Twins … And Vegas Says … Breakfast of Champions have a 93% chance of winning. I wonder what Vegas would think if they knew Turbo Bocce champ Robb Jones might be filling in? They might think differently when they found out that Robb lead his new team to a victory despite Tim shooting his ass off (as you’d expect) I mean that shot looks like it came with a deluxe ABS system.

15 seed Dead Rabbits vs 18 seed The Newlyweds … And Vegas Says … The Newlyweds have a 42% chance of pulling the upset … I knew this would be a close one.

10 seed Theos vs 23 seed Bocce Against the Machine … And Vegas Says … Theos have a 66% chance of victory.

7 seed Teen Mom III vs 26 seed Blonde Bocce Bitches … And Vegas Says … Blonde Bocce Bitches have a 30% chance of pulling off the upset.

Dog Brothers Bracket

3 seed Dog Brothers will play either 30 seed Domestic Dispute or 35 seed Sans Lumiere who have to make up their game on Tuesday.

14 seed Kiss My Ace will play 19 seed Curveball … And Vegas Says … Curveball has a robust 46% chance of pulling the upset!

11 seed Black Jesus will play 22 seed Boccelism … And Vegas Says … Boccelism has a very real 44% chance of pulling an upset. Wow. Did Vegas see Boccelism make this shot? How could they? Vegas is everywhere!

6 seed Big LeBocce will play 27 seed Mean Girls … And Vegas Says … Big LeBocce has a 79% percent chance of victory! I guess Vegas didn’t see this shot. I guess Vegas isn’t everywhere after all. I feel better now.

You’ll get a new set of Vegas odds before Saturday’s championship! Thank you to all the teams whose season came to an end last Tuesday. You made this year SO much fun! Please join us Saturday the 18th around 5pm. You can catch our championship game, receive your trophy (if you earned one), eat a free dinner, enjoy free drinks, and most importantly … celebrate the end of another great season!

To the winners of these games, I’ll see you at 11am SHARP Saturday morning. Make sure to wear your bocce shoes because we’ll be playing all day! Or at least as long as it takes to crown a champ!

And to Vegas I have to say, no outright upset pics, very few HUGE favorites, no coin toss games.  Pretty lame and overly safe odds-making Vegas.  This is not like you!  I’m hoping for something to rile people up after this round ends … although well done on the Black Jesus odds …

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