Save the date, September 8

We are going to play our playoffs in 3 rounds. After the 10th regular season week, plus one make up week, the round of 32 will be played on a Tuesday as usual. The round of 16 will also be played on a Tuesday as usual.

However the elite 8 are all going to play at the same time on the same date – Saturday, September 8th – in an all day tournament that will crown a champion.

I know not everybody can make it on September 8th, but that seems to be the day when the most people can make it. If you make it to the elite 8 of our tournament and cannot play on Saturday, September 8th we will go the extra mile to try to work something out.

Otherwise I hope everybody will show up to see a champion crowned whether you are playing or not. We will be grilling food and providing free beer so it should be a ton of fun.

Festivities start at 11am, and my guess is that they go until around 6pm, but we will go as long as it takes and by as much food and beer as it takes to crown a champ!