Second Round Playoff Bracket and New Vegas Odds!


Bocce Playoffs 2

After checking out the mostly finished and touched up bracket above, keep reading for all the brand spankin’ new Vegas Odds!

Then if you have the time, and the inclination, you can read my analysis.

Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory

1 – Black Jesus – 90

32 – Big LeBocce – 10


17 – Mark & Robb – 50

16 – Amerika’z Least Wanted – 50


56 – Sauce & Sand  – 30

24 – Blue Balls- 70


40 – Let The Big Dogs Eat – 36/95

8  – Utter Debocce – 64


57 – Bocce Babes – 5


Analysis:  In the first game, you have to expect Black Jesus to be big favorites any time they play, but I think a match up against Big LeBocce is a little more tricky than the odds make it seem.  In the second game, Mark & Robb and Amerika’z Least Wanted are 50/50 to win, and that seems exactly right in that battle of heavyweights.  In the third game, Blue Balls have a 70% chance of beating Sauce & Sand, and that probably would have been right in the regular season, but Sauce & Sand will be much tougher to beat now that they have a win against Puzzles under their belt.  In the final game, Utter Debocce and Bocce Babes have to make up last week’s game before they can play Let The Big Dog’s Eat.  If Utter Debocce win’s that game they will have a 64% chance of beating Let The Big Dogs Eat.  If Bocce Babes win, their odds are 5%.


Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory


4 – Whipple & John – 70

29 – Sweet Italian Balls – 30


20 – Mike & Mike – 50

13 – Droppin Balls – 50


12 – Kentucky Bourbon – 60

21 – Under My Ella – 40


28 – 2 1/2 Kittens –  27

5 – Flailing Weasels – 73


Analysis – In the first game, Whipple & John are 70% favorites, but considering Sweet Italian Balls pulled the upset of the tournament last year in this very same match up, I think its fair to say that you can throw the records and odds out the window when they meet.  In the second game, we have our first surprise.  Mike & Mike have a 50% chance of winning this game according to Vegas despite being ranked seven spots lower than Droppin Balls.  The third game’s odds seem just about right to me.  Two teams with good records playing a game with close odds, with the battle proven veterans, Kentucky Bourbon, having a slight edge.  In the fourth game, Vegas thinks 2 1/2 Kittens have their work cut out for them against the five seed Flailing Weasels, and they do, but I have a feeling they will put up a good fight.


Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory


2 – Easy Duz It – 80

34 – Mission Imbocceball – 20


18 – Ralph Bocce -O – 47

15 – Kiss My Ace – 53


42 – Twinning – 17/50

10 Los Moppines – 83


55 Son of Sicilian Sam – 50


39 – Bushwackers – 26

7 – Conquistadors – 74


Analysis – In the first game, its clear that when you have a fantastic record like Easy Duz It or Black Jesus have, Vegas goes all-in on you.  Hard to blame them, they’ve built an empire on playing the odds.  In the second game, Vegas calls Ralph Bocce-O and Kiss My Ace almost a coin flip, and on paper I agree.  Twinning have to wait to see who they play in the third game.  If they play Los Moppines they will have a 17% chance of victory, and surprisingly they will only have a 50% chance of victory against lower seeded Son of Sicilian Sam, according to Vegas.  In the last game, Conquistadors are heavy favorites according to Vegas, and as the seventh seed that makes sense, but from what I saw the Bushwackers looked pretty darn good last week.


Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory


3 – Breakfast of Champions – 83

30 – Double A’s – 17


19 – One Eyed Fish – 50

14 – Salty Bocce Balls – 50


54 – Steal Your Face – 87

22 – Two Balls On Your Ace – 13


38 – Ball Don’t Lie – 43

6 – Ball & Chain – 57


Analysis – In the first game, Vegas has my team with an 83% chance of victory, but that feels like a pretty hollow number against the team that put up the most aces this season.  Last time I checked its pretty hard to beat an ace.  In the second game, One Eyed Fish are a team Vegas likes, as they have a 50% chance at victory despite being the lower seed.  In the third game, Steal Your face have long odds to win – 13% to be exact – but I know that’s not going to bother them.  In the first round they had only a 3% chance of winning according to Vegas, but they won anyway, and things seem to be looking up for them.   In the last game, its clear that Ball Don’t Lie are Vegas favorites.  In the first round they were the only lower seeded team predicted to win.  In this round they are not the favorites, but its suppose to be a close game despite the fact that Ball & Chain are ranked 32 spots higher.