Silver Knight Bocce Tournament Recap

It was pretty cool to play bocce at the war memorial.


For the first time there was a whole team of people there to help me set up and take down (if only they had arrived on time).


Still when the whole field was built with ten bocce courts on top of it, the place looked pretty good.

They should call it Dave & Bocce from now on  . . . and also sponsor us!

They should call it Dave & Bocce from now on . . . and also sponsor us!

The brackets were drawn up just after ten o’clock and the games began. It didn’t take long for Turbo Bocce players to prove they can play on any surface.


I love this picture.  Great shot, great ace.  Here is what happened to that ace . . .

When you give Turbo Bocce players a fast  flat surface to roll on, no shot is safe.  As you might expect the tournament was a wild one, with a lot of close games, and a lot of surprises.

As I said, no shot is safe.

We wanted to give everybody at least two games on the big stage but we didn’t have time for a complete double elimination tournament so we put all the teams who lost in the first round into a consolation tournament and then crowned both an overall tournament winner and a consolation winner.  There were a lot of great games, and most of the consolation teams lost tough matches in the first round, but in the end, Bryan Mullane and Angelo Isgro, Pat Colabufo and Sandy Colabufo, Greg Griffo and Scott Mead, and Bobby Lupi and Mickey Morey reached the final four of the consolation tournament.

After all the smoke had cleared Sandy and Pat Colabufo played Bryan Mullane and Angelo Isgro in the consolation title game.

Meanwhile, in the winners bracket, points were being fought for furiously.  Eventually  Barnard LeVine and Sean Flynn made it to the final four by beating Badger and Kevin, the winners of our last Tournament, and they played AJ and Jason Dougherty.  The other final four game was between Turbo Bocce Champions George Christou, and Phil Martino, and Turbo Bocce scoring leader Bill LaBrake, and Rookie of the Year Justin McLaughlin.


AJ and Jason Dougherty beat Bernard and Sean to advance to the championship game, and Bill LaBrkae and Justin McLaughlin beat George and Phil to meet them there.

In the consolation tournament final Bryan Mullane and Angelo Isgro managed to beat Pat and Sandy Colabufo, and take home a little prize for their efforts.

Angelo & Bryan - winners of the consolation bracket.

Angelo & Bryan – winners of the consolation bracket.


With all the other games out of the way, everybody watched Bill and Justin take on AJ and Jason for the tournament championship.  In the end, Bill and Justin were just too much, and came away with the win, capping off a great day for two already highly decorated bocce players, with some fresh hardware to hang around their necks.


Bill LaBrake and Justin McLaughlin - tournament champs!

Bill LaBrake and Justin McLaughlin – tournament champs!


After the tournament, everybody in attendance was escorted next door to the Tech Garden where free beer and pizza was waiting for us.


Later that night the Silver Knight’s honored Turbo Bocce at half time of their game.  Part of that presentation was the THIS video.


A fun day was had, a champion was crowned, and we raised a bunch of money to help needy kids.  That’s an overall success in my book.