Turbo Bocce offers a unique sponsorship opportunity.  Not only do we offer you the ability to get your name out to hundreds of local men and women of all ages (over twenty-one) but we allow you to become a part of our community.

Compared to other popular recreational sports like softball (where one team is on the field and the other is in the dugout), golf (where players are segregated into groups of four), or volleyball (where the teams are separated by a net), bocce is relatively intimate. Teams actually interact while they play, and this makes for a close-knit community of friends.

Even though there are hundreds of us, we know everybody by name.  No other kind of advertizing can offer that kind intimacy and loyalty, and because of this no other kind of advertizing can offer the kind of results we can.

Contact Paul Colabufo – paul@turbobocce.com, 315-254-3639 – with any questions.  We can work with your business to develop a marketing plan that will put your product in front of hundreds of the kind of customers you want, so become part of the Turbo Bocce community, and join the team.  We can work with any budget.