Second Make Up Week Recap

The regular season is officially over. The State Fair is about to start up. Where did the summer go? May 27th seems somehow both a million years ago, and just yesterday to me, but I don’t want to get too sentimental, the summer is not over so long as bocce is still going, and we still have an exciting playoff coming up!IMG_1242


Still, I want to rubber stamp the regular season in style. Somebody has to, because Mother Nature was not cooperating. It rained pretty much the entire time we played our second make up week – sometimes quite hard – but that just means that the adventuresome bocce players who showed up to get their last regular season games in deserve all the more credit! You’ll notice in our pictures that though everybody looks wet, they almost all look like they are having fun. It was that kind of a day.


Everybody who participated in our last regular season week earned my most sincere admiration for not letting the weather determine how much fun they have, but, I am going to focus this recap on the two biggest games of the day.


The first was Black Jesus vs. Whipple and John. Black Jesus came into this game with a 25-2 record, and a chance to break the all time record for most wins – which is 27, and just so happened to be set by Whipple and John the previous year.

After playing nine weeks with only two blemishes on their record, George Chirstou and Phil Martino of Black Jesus found themselves only two wins shy of sharing glory, and three shy of owning it outright. But beating Whipple and John is not easy, especially in the rain where Whipple usually shines.

Black Jesus won the first game behind a strong showing (and nine points!) from Phil Martino, but that is where Whipple & John shut the door. They managed to win the next two games and preserve their record. The day was not a total wash for Black Jesus, however. The one win they did get was more than enough to earn them the regular season title, so if you want to find them next week, look for the two guys with medals around their necks!


The second big game of the day was played between Easy Duz It and Big LeBocce. Bill LaBrake of Easy Duz It came into this game with 180 points to his name (or 20 points a week). He was 10 points behind Jim Whipple’s all time mark of 190, and 8 points ahead of his nearest competitor.

The first game was a close one, where Easy Duz It edged out Big LeBocce for the win, but Bill only managed to score five points. In the second game he improved marginally, scoring six and leading his team to another win. Those six points assured Bill of breaking the all-time points record, but oddly did not necessarily assure him of winning the scoring title. He took care of that in game three, where he had a huge game scoring nine points and leading his team to a win. The 20 points Bill scored on the day gave him 200 for the year, which is an all time record. As a bonus the three wins he helped Easy Duz It to, boosted them from third place in the standings to second place.


On to individual accolades.

20 Point Club

Rich Heffernan of Ralph Bocce-O scored 20 points on the day, co-leading the league in scoring for the week.

Of course, Bill LaBrake also scored 20 (as he usually did this year). His accomplishment of averaging 20 points a week reminds me a little of when Wilt Chamberlin averaged 50 points per game in the NBA. Its a huge accomplishment to score 50 points once in basketball (as its a huge accomplishment to score 20 points once in bocce). Being able to average 50 a game (or 20 a week in bocce) is almost inconceivable. Congratulations.


5 Bocce Club

Jeff Weiner of Steal Your Face lead the league in bocces this week with 12 (which is the second highest weekly total anybody has had all year).

Sherri Walakis of Blonde Bocce Bitches was not far behind with 10 bocces herself.

Frank DeMauro of Utter Debocce had 8 bocces, and his partner Mark Chambers had 7 bocces in what was a huge bocce day for that team.

Jim Whipple of Whipple & John and Barb Dennehey of Knights of the Round Ball had 6 bocces each.

Andrew Doreghtey of 2 ½ Kittens, Scott Mead of Big LeBocce, Mike Geiss of Mike & Mike, Ashley Dart of Sharp Shooters, Jeff Weiss of Steal Your Face, and Paul Colabufo of Breakfast of Champions each had 5 bocces on the day.


Multiple Ace Club

Frank DeMauro of Utter Debocce had a whopping 4 aces to go along with his 8 bocces.

Sherri Walakis of Blonde Bocce Bitches had 3 aces to go along with her 10 bocces.

Phil Martino of Black Jesus had 3 bocces on his way to winning the regular season title.


After the bocce was done we dried off inside Sharkey’s and Anson Zeppetello won the George Christou Award for what was, surprisingly, the first time all year.


As always, there are more pictures on Facebook if you want to see them. Next week our friendly 3 game bocce sets will turn into vicious best of three series for the right to survive and advance. Good luck everybody!