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Team Stats

Amerikaz Most Wanted2 21.0004480.5002.500
Kiss My Ace7290.7781629450.3561.911
Wiz Bang87150.5332433570.4211.488
New Day Co-Op105150.6673144750.4131.747
Mean Girls126180.6674140810.5061.840
Some Innuendo96150.6003336690.4781.678
Salty Bocce Balls5490.5562121420.5001.611
Blonde Bocce Bitches3690.3331617330.4851.152
Breaking Ballz111120.9172532570.4392.272
Gospel of Tilc123150.8002835630.4442.044
Higgs Massive Particles 12120.0002526510.4900.490
Your A Bocce Ball108180.5564442860.5121.623
Picante Paisans39120.250305350.8571.357
Mount Westmore4480.5001517320.4691.469
Crack Kitty66120.5002736630.4291.429
Seal Team Shit69150.4002826540.5191.319
The Cosby Kids15 151.0002640660.3942.394

Player Stats

Amy CalvaniB3364 5 
Andy IngallsAmerikaz Most Wanted1311  
Andy ThompsonBreakfast of Champions     
Angelo IsgroKiss My Ace471818 
Anson ZeppetelloAmerikaz Most Wanted102   
Bill LaBrakeGeorge & Bill     
Bob WiszniewskiWiz Bang62953 
Bobby LupiIt Takes Two To Mango     
BrendanCrack Kitty757485
Bryan MullaneNew Day Co-Op7912351
Cathie WiszniewskiWiz Bang321 1 
Chelsea KniffenSeal Team Shit525241
Christina HudsonBoccesaurus Rex     
DaveMount Westmore3214321
Ethan KearnsAces497121
George ChristouMount Westmore261   
Greg Duffy G & J     
Heather ClevelandMean Girls6519 4 
Jay GrayKiss My Ace481424 
Jeff WeinerDeBoccery5116231
JimJeff & Jim     
Jodi JonesB341125 
Julie GilbertSome Innuendo725 62
Justin McLaughlinSlustin     
KatieGolden Paulino     
Katie IvesBoccesaurus Rex     
Keith CurreriSome Innuendo7011231
Kelly EdmondstonYour a Bocce Ball7923410 
Kevin CurreriSalty Bocce Balls43623 
Kim PomeroyBlonde Bocce Bitches402021 
Kristen TuperMean Girls8017 63
Leandra KovalchikHiggs Massive Particles19821 
Linda RadfordAceaholics45814 
LaurieCrack Kitty33514 
Mark Avery ClaridgeUp & Coming Ball Handlers     
Mark StreiffNew Day Co-Op74524 
Marty McDermottTheos     
Matt WieczorekTheos     
Mickey MoreyIt Takes Two To Mango     
Michael O’BrienAceaholics4910152
Mike BurkettHiggs Massive Particles249 3 
Oscar OcampoYour a Bocce Ball812156 
Pat PascarellaBreaking Ballz672 21
Paul ColabufoBreakfast of Champions     
Rob CalvaniGospel of Tilc771623 
Rob MarinoBreaking Ballz632  1
Rob PhillipsUp & Coming Ball Handlers     
Ryan MoultonRolling Green     
Scott MeadThe Cosby Kids889 6 
Sherri WalakisBlonde Bocce Bitches37915 
Taylor SmithSeal Team Shit631213 
Tim BoeschSalty Bocce Balls4652  
TravisGolden Paulino     
Travis TaylorGospel of Tilc759521
Troy RichardsonRolling Green     
John BaumanNever Had the Makings     
Greg GriffoThe Cosby Kids89142111
CynthiaPicante Paisans49622 
PamPicante Paisans281422 
CelesteTBD164 2 
AlexTBD216 31
KevinMean Girls152 2