Week 3 Recap

The bocce this week was more awesome than if Willie Wanka changed his chocolate factory over to a beer factory.

It was a little cooler than normal, but that pact with Satan I made held out and we had yet another rain free, mostly sunny, 70ish degree day.

Lets get to the bocce!

Some Innuendo squared off against 2015 elite eight team Bocce Against the Machine, and had a great showing winning by all three games. Some Innuendo has started the year off hot as can be with an 8-1 record. Keith Curreri had 19 points to lead the way for Some Innuendo, and might have scored 20 if his partner had not knocked out his game winning … Read More »

Bocce Day! Do you need a team name?

Today’s another perfect weather day, and another chance to enjoy food, drinks, games, and good times in the sunshine.

If you don’t have a team name its time to think of something, and as usual Turbo Bocce is here to help with 133 suggestions to get your creative juices flowing (or that you can just steal).

Former Shot put champions

Bocce Horror Picture Show

Love is a Boccefield

Those are just 3 suggestions . . . read the whole list HERE.

Week 1 Recap

As the Pointer Sisters once sang and Jesse Spano once sang/cried “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!”

I assume they were both talking about the start of bocce season.

One of the joys of opening day is breaking out a brand new bocce set.


Look how brand spanking new that bocce set is – never been thrown before. Those balls will break a lot of hearts over the years.

I took it upon myself to film the very first shot taken with the new sets. The video is terrible, the shot is decent considering I was filming and shooting at the … Read More »