Playoff Bracket #3

Mark & Robb missed out on being league champions by 0.002%.  Tough luck, but they are rewarded with a 2 seed and their own bracket.

Congrats to Schaffer BMW, Big LaBocce, Kiss My Ace, and Droppin Balls for earning byes.



Playoff Bracket #2

Black Jesus sneak into the #4 seed spot and get this bracket named after them.  Congratulations to Black Jesus. The winner of this bracket will play the winner of the Dog Brothers bracket in the Final 4.

Congrats to Baci Di Pia, Double A’s, and Los Moppines for earning first round byes.


Playoff Brackets

The Dog Brothers are our regular season champions!  Congrats George & Phil!

And congrats to We’re Gonna Bocce Your Mom, Breakfast of Champions Ballz Deeper and Blue Ballz for earning first round byes.


Week 8 Recap

Losing at bocce is worse than 10,000 heart attacks. Its also worst than 10,000 maniacs, but not by much.

This joke was brought to you by 90’s pop music.

I want to start the Week 8 discussion with a game between Gruden’s Grinders and We Came In Like a Bocce Ball. Game one was a big win for Gruden’s Grinder’s who took a 13-3 win behind seven big points from Joe Potenza (one of which you can see on the highlight below). Gruden’s Grinders continued their winning ways in game two with an 11-6 win, behind six points from Jake Wilcox.

Then in the third game, Turbo Bocce history was made . . . Jen … Read More »