Turbo Bocce Calendar

Important dates to keep in mind.


Saturday May 14- Blind Draw Tournament – get some practice in before the season starts and meet new people in our league in this FREE tournament that will have a mini-beer fest attached to it!

Wednesday May 18- Turbo Bocce open house.  If you are new to Turbo Bocce and want to try it out free of charge and commitment, or if you already play in our league and want to invite friends to come check it out, this is the day to do it!  Everybody who comes will get a free slice of pizza and a free beer, as well as a free lesson on how to play Turbo Bocce (if you need one).

Tuesday May 24 … Read More »

Turbo Bocce Championship Recap

This is how our tenth anniversary season kicked off . . .

It feels like just yesterday, doesn’t it? Yet here we are, feet planted squarely in the off-season. Even though the journey was fleeting, it yielded a treasure trove of memories, as journeys of this nature always do. Lets cherish the last few memories together, as we celebrate a new champion, and the end of another fun season.

What we are all playing for.

What we are all playing for.

I arrived at the field about an hour before our Noon start time, to get everything set up, only to find a … Read More »

Second Make Up Week Recap

The regular season is officially over. The State Fair is about to start up. Where did the summer go? May 27th seems somehow both a million years ago, and just yesterday to me, but I don’t want to get too sentimental, the summer is not over so long as bocce is still going, and we still have an exciting playoff coming up!IMG_1242


Still, I want to rubber stamp the regular season in style. Somebody has to, because Mother Nature was not cooperating. It rained pretty much the entire time we played our second make up week – sometimes quite hard – but … Read More »

Week 10 Recap

Week 10 was packed with excitement from start to finish.

It started with a 50/50 raffle to raise money for our DJ, Jimmy Del Fuoco, who has generously donated his time and agreed to play music for us for free all year. Half the money raised went to Jimmy, and the other half went to our winner Boutros Abu from the Bushwackers. Thanks to everybody who participated and congrats Boutros.

Thanks to JMD Audio for bringing the best DJ in Syracuse to bocce every week!

Thanks to JMD Audio for bringing the best DJ in Syracuse to bocce every week!

Remember, if you … Read More »