Make Up Week Pre-Game

NOTICE: All regular season games must be played by Midnight tomorrow, Wednesday August 1st.  Each team should have 30 regular season games by then.  Any games not played will be forfeits, but every team makes the playoffs no matter what. 


Weather Forecast

There will be no rain today!  Wooo!  I suggest trying to get as many games in tonight as possible, because tomorrow’s forecast does call for rain during bocce … hopefully that changes in the next 24 hours, I’ll keep you updated, but BEWARE, even if there is torrential rain and thunderstorms tomorrow, it will still be the last possible time to play regular season games.  Unfortunately playing all the games by tomorrow is the only way to have the brackets … Read More »

Rain Policy

There is a good likelyhood that it will rain tonight, so here is our quick rain policy. Turbo Bocce has never canceled games for any reason.  If its raining and you want to come play in the rain, go for it.  Many people do, and have lots of fun with it.  If playing in the rain isn’t your thing, feel free to skip this week.  We have make up weeks for a reason.  A second suggestion, Tuesday League players can always come and play on Wednesday when the forecast looks a little better.