The Bounty System Explained

Turbo Bocce is a lot of fun, but a few years back we decided it would be even more fun if we gave away fabulous prizes every week . . . so we did . . . and we still do.


You are eligible to win a prize every time you show up to play bocce (even if you just won a prize the week before).

Here’s how it works. Every game has a scorecard and every scorecard has a number. At some point during bocce a number will be generated at random through the magic of smart phone apps, and if that number matches the number of your scorecard and you win your bocce match, then you also win a $20 gift card to Sharkeys. At which point you will dance like nobody is watching. Because they are not . . . they’re all playing bocce.

If you play in the Tuesday league click HERE to find out how the bounty system has changed from last year’s model.


The world is full of winners and losers . . . here’s hoping you’re one of them!