The Bounty System Explained

A better title might be: How Turbo Bocce makes you money!

Turbo Bocce pays money to the teams that finish first, second, and third in the playoffs. Easy to understand, and a good way for all the great bocce players out there to make money, but what about everybody else?

Though last year the 24th seed won the tournament, and the 20th seed finished third (not even the NCAA tournament has Cinderella’s like that!)  we here at Turbo Bocce feel that everybody should make money, not just those who do the best in the playoffs.

So we created the Bounty System.

The Bounty System ensures that everybody in the league has a chance to make money every single time they attend a Turbo Bocce event!

Here is how it works:

Every team will be assigned a number at random at the beginning of the season.

Those numbers will be put into a random number generator.

Whichever number gets selected, that team becomes the bounty team.

If you play that team and beat them (2 games out of 3), you win cash!

Nobody will know who the bounty team is until they start playing.

***Rule Change***

Last year, the complaint was not enough people found out who the Bounty team was, so this year we will give the Bounty team a Gold starting box (mat) so that everyone can see who it is.


If the Bounty team wins the game. The money will go back into the pot for next week.

Last year we played for $20 a week, and the highest bounty won was $100 dollars. It will be the same this year, unless the league grows to a point where we have enough money to up the bounty to $40 (something I am hoping will happen).

There will be an alternate team chosen in the event that the Bounty team does not show up to play that week. In the event that neither the Bounty or the alternate show up, the prize money will be forwarded on to the next week.

You can win the prize more than once! The key is to show up every week. You never know when you might get tapped on the shoulder and told, hey the team you are playing is the Bounty team. Beat them and you win cash!