The Bracket and the Vegas Odds for the Final!

Playoffs Final

You know the routine by now. The latest bracket is above. The Vegas odds are below, and at the bottom is my own personal analysis . . . actually since its the finals we should do something special. Instead of my personal analysis lets do even more Vegas odds!


Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory

1 – Black Jesus – 80
16 – Amerika’z Least Wanted – 20

24 – Blue Balls – 48
40 – Let the Big Dogs Eat – 52

Analysis – The Vegas odds above show each team’s chance of winning their next game. In this space I am going to give you Vegas’ predictions on who wins the entire tournament! The first thing you need to know is, Vegas LOVES Black Jesus! They have a 41.9% chance of lifting the trophy, and you are going to be shocked just how much of a favorite they are. To put it in perspective, they have a better chance of victory than the entire opposite side of the bracket combined! Amerika’z Least Wanted has only a 2.0%. chance of overall victory, I assume because their difficult bracket position could have them playing Black Jesus, Whipple & John and Breakfast of Champions, Turbo Bocce’s top three remaining teams. Blue Balls has a 1.0% chance at navigating this difficult bracket position, and Let the Big Dogs Eat’s percentage comes in at 1.4%.

Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory

4 – Whipple & John – 63
13 – Droppin Balls – 37

21 – Under My Ella – 57
28 – 2 ½ Kittens – 43

Analysis – Whipple & John have a solid 9.2% chance at the title, but considering they’re arguably the hottest team in bocce, it seems like their odds should be better. Speaking of low odds, one of Turbo Bocce’s best teams, Droppin Balls, has only a 1.8% chance of total victory according to Vegas. I can only assume that the possibility of having to play the three highest seeds left, hurts them as it hurt Amerika’z Least Wanted. Under My Ella has a 2.1% of total victory, and 2 ½ Kittens have a 0.8% chance at immortality.

Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory

34 – Mission Imbocceball – 43
18 – Ralph Bocce-O – 57

10 – Los Moppines – 47
7 – Conquistadors – 53

Analysis – Mission Imobcceball’s reward for beating the number two overall seed is a 0.8% chance of victory according to Vegas. Ralph Bocce-O has a 2.8% chance of lifting the trophy in this even bracket. While Los Moppines odds are 5.1%, and the Conquistadors have a 7.1% chance at glory.

Seed – Team Name – % Chance of Victory

3 – Breakfast of Champions – 67
19 – One Eyed Fish – 33

54 – Steal Your Face – 3
38 – Ball Don’t Lie – 97

Analysis – Breakfast of Champions are listed at 14.4% odds to win it all. One Eyed Fish have a 0.8% chance at putting their name on the trophy. Ball Don’t Lie has to be the surprise pick of the tournament. They were favored by Vegas in both of the first two rounds despite being the 40th overall seed, and Vegas is now giving them a 9.1% chance of total victory. To put this in perspective, that is the same chance of winning that Whipple & John have as the 4th seed. It looks like a case of the right team in the right bracket as far as Vegas is concerned. Steal Your Face are the stand-out underdogs, just as Black Jesus is the stand-out favorite. They have a .000001% chance of victory according to Vegas, which, the way I see it, is just Vegas’ cold mathematical way of saying that Steal Your Face already has two huge upsets under their belt. Still, if my math is correct, that’s only a one in a million shot.