The Turbo Bocce Top 100 Songs of the Decade: 30-21

The questionable songs on this list disappear right here. Basically every song from here on out defined the decade in ways that prior songs have not. This particular ten is where you get to see just how deep the rabbit hole that is my taste in pop music goes.

30 amiina – Seoul

The backing quartet for Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros decided to come forward and record their own music. This music consists of weeping saws and moaning wine glasses. Somehow it’s good.

29 Busta Rhymes – Arab Money

While already the very definition of a racist kind of rich, Busta Rhymes, pbuh, decides that he needs to be a completely DIFFERENT kind of racist rich.

28 Usher – Yeah

Probably mainstream pop’s first introduction to Lil’ Jon, this club banger is still played today to get the crowd going. It’s refreshing when Usher does songs that aren’t simple R&B and he lets himself have a little fun.

27 A Silver Mt. Zion – Blindblindblind

When Godspeed You! Black Emperor went on indefinite hiatus, many people felt that one of the best post-rock bands around was through. Then A Silver Mount Zion expanding, and since it already featured three members of Godspeed and played nearly the same type of music, and it became clear that it really didn’t matter all that much what name they went under. Then they released their 2005 album Horses in the Sky and revealed that they were actually going to start singing in their songs. 2008’s Blindblindblind is the epitome of ASMZ songs.

26 MIA – Paper Planes Remix Video Ft Bun B And Rich Boy

M.I.A.’s real break away hit exists in quite a few different versions. The best is, of course, the “remix” featuring Bun B and Rich Boy filling in a rather boring part of the original mix with their raps, improving the song a hundred-fold.

25 Rihanna – Umbrella

Apparently this song was originally meant for Britney Spears. I think it’s pretty clear that the song is about a trillion times better with Rihanna singing it than it would have been any other way. Basically the only bad thing about this song is Chris Brown’s awful Cinderella remix. See, they were dating so it was worth it, right?

24 Fat Joe – Make it Rain (remix)

The remix of Fat Joe’s all-right-but-not-that-great original is just a giant clusterfuck of guest artists. It’s basically a who’s who of 2006 hip-hop. R. Kelly, TI, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, the list goes on and on. It’s almost too inspired.

23 Ke$ha – Tik Tok

I originally had this song MUCH higher on the list. Like top ten higher. I eventually thought better of it because it basically just came out and there’s no real way to get an actual opinion of it other than “goddamn I hope this is what all pop music is gonna be like from here on out.”

22 Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

Apparently Katy Perry is friends with Ke$ha. That pretty awesome because combined they’ve made two of the top 100 songs. Hot N Cold is Katy’s entry and is pretty damned awesome too. Since her label apparently doesn’t want to allow us to embed her real video, here’s a version someone made using The Sims.

21 Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone

Yes, I did just post three female pop stars and their songs. No I don’t care. The release of Since U Been Gone was about the point in time when I just gave up caring about trying to keep my taste in music “indie” or “masculine”. It was also around this time that I finally gave up on mainstream rock because it’s somehow more pathetic and emasculating than listening to a fucking American Idol winner.