The Turbo Bocce Top 100 Songs of the Decade: 60-51

Today is the day when the list gets sexy. Make sure you watch the last three videos only when you’re alone and capable of taking things into your own hands. That or just don’t be a pervert, whichever is more likely.

60 The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

A song that couldn’t be contained within one music video and needed three of them. It has an in charge beat that makes you sit up and wonder just what the fuck her name actually is.

59 Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

Frou Frou’s Imogen Heap sets off on her own and shows the world that she doesn’t even need any goddamned instruments to sound good. Just give her a vocoder and we’re done. It’s a top of the decade song because of that stupid season finale of The Hills or The OC or whatever fucking retarded show it was on.

58 ratatat – Seventeen Years

The first track on ratatat’s debut album starts by telling you how long they’ve been rapping for, then proceeds to give you 11 songs and three more albums where they don’t rap at all. Or open their mouths. Or have any other person talk at all. Yeah.

57 The Go! Team – Ladyflash

An after school special meets cheerleaders. I think this is something I could get behind.

56 The Walkmen – The Rat

Probably the only tolerable song from this indie darling band. I include it because all the indie morons would get pissed if I didn’t throw them at least one bone. That and I like it.

55 Iced Earth – Gettysburg 1863

Gettysburg 1863 is technically the three songs on a bonus disc, but these three songs flow together in such a way that they might as well be one. They tell the story of the entire Battle of Gettysburg in metal form; I really don’t think I need to explain more than that.

54 Cocoa Tea – Barack Obama

If you’ve ever wondered what a reggae tribute to Barack Obama would sounds like, then here you go. The song is contagious and gets stuck in your head in ways you don’t really appreciate. Play it at full volume around Whipple if you ever need to get in his head.

I’m just gonna go ahead and lump these three songs together with no description. We know why they’re here.

53 Eric Prydz – Call On Me

53 Alex Gaudino featuring Crystal Waters – Destination Calabria

51 Benny Benassi – Satisfaction