Thursday League Info.

If you are in our Thursday league click here to answer all the questions you may have.

The first question you may have is, how to I get to the place where we play bocce?

Click HERE to get all the info on our park.  If you click on the “A” on the map and it will give you driving directions.

FYI: When you get to the park we will be immediately on the left with the big signs and lots of beer and food.

The second question you may have is, where do we go after we are done playing bocce?

The answer is Swallows.  They will be giving us FREE food of all varieties and drink specials, so everybody is welcome to stop by after they are finished with bocce and partake in some extra refreshments.

If you have never been to Swallows, HERE is a Post Standard article about how they are one of the best neighborhood bars in Syracuse.  It gives a picture of the place and the address.

Swallows is great because they are the closest bar to where we play bocce, they have THE BEST wings in Syracuse bar none, and the bartender will invent a shot for you if you ask him to.

Here is some other random information:

Bocce starts Thursday June 2nd, and goes every Thursday for 10 weeks plus a playoff.

There will be make-up weeks scheduled so its not the end of the world if you have to miss a week or two, but try to be there for most of them.

The games will be played from 5pm to Dark (around 9pm), then we are off to Swallows.  Your game will last about an hour so show up any time in that range that is most convenient for you so long as you can fit your game in before it gets dark.

Bocce teams are comprised of TWO people, so anybody that wants to play but needs a partner should email ASAP.

We are going to have kegs of beer, mixed drinks, soda and water at the park while we play, plus pizza to eat.  You can get all that for only $5.

We are accepting more people up until the day we start to play, and the more the merrier, so tell some friends to come check it out.  No commitment necessary until you are sure you want to do it.

We also have a Tuesday league.  Anybody who does not get enough bocce on Thursday and would like to help officiate games on Tuesday will get free food and drinks – and tips? – for helping us out.