Triple Crown Standings


The three triple crown tournaments are the Best Bocce Player In Syracuse tournament (1 on 1). the Turbo Bocce Championship (2 on 2), and the Italian Fest (4 on 4).

To win the triple crown you have to win all three events.  Spoiler alert, nobody did that this year, but we can still determine the overall standings for all three events.

The way we do it is, you receive three points for winning a tournament, two points for finishing in second place, and one point for finishing in third.

Here are the standings:

Best Bocce Player In Syracuse:

Greg Griffo – 3 points
Bryan Mullane – 2 points
Phil Martino – 1 point


Turbo Bocce Championship:

John Bauman – 3 points
Jim Whipple – 3 points
Sean Flynn – 2 points
Justin McLaughlin – 2 points
Jeff Williams – 1 point
Jess Chiavara – 1 point


Syracuse Festa Italia:

Nobody won any points!

not available

Obviously nobody won the triple crown this year. Strangely nobody even placed in more than won event. Thus we have lots of ties in this year’s triple crown standings.  The leaders are:

Greg Griffo – 3
John Bauman – 3
Jim Whipple – 3

Maybe we can have these three fight in out in our last tournament of the year some how for a tie breaker?

The rest of the standings:

Bryan Mullane – 2
Sean Flynn – 2
Justin McLaughlin – 2
Phil Martino – 1
Jeff Williams – 1
Jess Chiavara – 1

Congratulations to everyone. Each point on these standings represents a great accomplishment.

We are yet to have a triple crown winner, but Phil Martino came the closest with 8 points out of a possible 9.