Triple Crown

The first leg of the Triple Crown of Bocce is coming Saturday July 27th, at 11am and you can play in it for free by registering HERE.

But what is the Triple Crown of bocce?

Every year, Syracuse hosts 3 major bocce tournaments that bring fame and fortune (assuming you consider $800 or less to be a fortune) to whoever is lucky and skilled enough to win them.

Each tournament presents a very different challenge, and to win all three you have to be very good, very well rounded, and very adaptable.  You even need to be able to recruit a good team.

Only one person has ever won a triple crown, and now we all scream that person’s name out when we have sex.  We are all doing that right?  Its not just me?

Anyway, the point is you definitely WANT to be a triple crown champion.  So how do you do it?  There are three steps …

  1. Win the Syracuse Italian Fest bocce tournament on Saturday September 14th.  This is a 4 on 4 tournament.
  2. Win the Turbo Bocce Championship.  What else needs to be said?
  3. Win the 1 on 1 tournament

Lets break down the 1 on 1 tournament a little bit further …

Its free to play, and you register HERE.  Make sure you register by Friday the 26th because that is when we are drawing the brackets.

Speaking of drawing brackets, we are going to do it old school NBA draft style with ping pong balls, and we are going to do it at Apex EntertainmentEveryone who comes gets a free hour of games!

When we show up Saturday morning everybody will know who they are suppose to play and we are getting right into it.  We are dumping the clunky double elimination tournament and going with the world cup group tournament instead.  This should help us finish by 3pm.

The winner will be crowned the”Best Bocce Player in Syracuse” AND will be featured in the world wide publication Global Bocce … I’m not kidding.

So go ahead and register.  This tournament is open to everyone.  Its free.  Its lots of fun.  And who knows, maybe you will achieve eternal glory by becoming bocce’s next triple crown winner!

Bryan Mullane receives his triple crown award with the opening scene of Blackball on in the background.