Triumph of Humanity

Mankind has always created things to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. It’s a result of the intangible spirit all humans are infused with that makes us the most beautiful living things on this planet. Though knowledge may be forgotten with time the ability is always there. Look at the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. All this knowledge was due to people having time to spend on R&D to discover it. People that have essential needs taken care of can discover all the hidden and astounding secrets that this world holds.

It was in this vein that the competition field for TURBOBOCCE was created. Though it doesn’t compare directly to engineering and artistic marvels like the Empire State Building and The Parthenon, the creators of these achievements clearly exerted their full potentials. These structures are all symbols of the greatness of humanity, not because they are large in scale, but because of the electric thinking required to create such things from nothing. All people exposed to these structures will never forget them. Since the reader may not be able to experience this simple structure in person, and photographs do not suffice, let me create a mental image for you.

Upon entering the basement arena of no ventilation one is immediately struck by the 3080 illuminated miniature lightbulbs stapled to the ceiling of the above floor. They provide all the lighting needed on the court – a warm and tan aura light that casts no shadows. One is immediately struck in the head by the air ducts lining the ceiling, providing color to the vision of the observer. Once this color fades it is replaced by a red so full of childhood energy that it rivals all basic red crayons in every kindergartner’s coloring box across the world. This creates the perimeter of the TURBOBOCCE arena, separating the real world from this playground like a wooden fence around a sandpit.

When the child climbs in they will be surrounded by a simple green carpet that old ladies use to line their porches and short portly men use to blanket their putt-putt fields. An artist’s design and vision of what TURBOBOCCE is offsets this simplicity: the website-famous logo of a bottle and ball is present, creating elegance like the Cadillac wreath and crest. The professionalism of this logo is prominently painted midcourt, like in an NFL field. Two white lines measured four feet from the ends of the rectangular court create the “do not pass” zone.

To create a true sense of the yin and yang spirit, a dark corner of the arena is shrouded by a rough navy blue bedsheet. Pushing the bedsheet aside reveals high resolution color images of unclothed human females. Some say it pleases their eye, while others are repulsed and yet more are offended. It is like a birthmark on a geometrically perfect façade: some call it a beauty mark, others call it a pimple, but in the end it kills the canvas when exposed to sunlight.

As the earth turns and seasons change so do outdoor activities. TURBOCCE may not be enjoyed in the solar winters of polar chill, but due to the brilliance of select members, this civil test of mankind may be enjoyed regardless of the equinoxes.