Tuesday Bounty Changes

Last year (and every previous year) we chose two teams at random to play in the bounty game. Before the season each team was assigned a number (based on the order they signed up to play in the league) and two numbers were chosen at random each week to become Bounty Teams. If your number was chosen the team who played you had a chance to win $20. If you beat them, that $20 went back into the pot and the next week some lucky team would have a chance to win $40, and so on.

That was a good system, but there is room for improvement. First, the team that was actually chosen as the bounty team had no way of winning any money. Second, most people did not know who had been chosen to play in the bounty game, or who won. Third, the team that won money would usually just pocket the cash and take off when they were done playing.

This year we are changing things up to correct these problems. First of all, instead of assigning each team a random number that nobody knows, we are going to put a number on each scorecard for everybody to see. We will then announce which number will play for the Bounty prize to the league at 6:30, 7:00, and 7:30. If the number on the scorecard you are playing with gets called then either you or the team you are playing is going home with the prize. There will be no holding the prize over to next week this year. And to encourage everybody to stay and socialize the prize will now be a $20 gift certificates rather than a $20 bill. We will be giving out two $20 gift certificate’s to Sharkeys and one gift certificate for a free large pizza to our sponsor Paladino’s Pizza – Cicero (this is only good for the Cicero Paladino’s not any of the others . . . but the good news is the one in Cicero has the best food!)

So to sum up. We will make 3 Bounty announcements each day. There will definitely be 3 teams (6 people) walking away as winners each and every week, and instead of cash you get a gift certificate you can use to party with the rest of the league!

These changes, and others, I think will help make this season our best season ever!