Tuesday Make-Up Week #1 Recap

This was the picture on the front page of Syracuse.com

syracuse flood

This was the headline: Torrential rain breaks record in Syracuse.

Now check out these pictures from bocce . . . nothing but sunshine!

M week 2

M week 1

M week 3

We could see the clouds and the lightning in the distance – we could hear the thunder – none of it touched us. The lesson here, as always, is God loves bocce!

With that in mind, lets talk bocce. The fact that this was 4th of July week, and a make up week didn’t stop some big games from happening.

Black Jesus played Eazy Duz It in a battle of two top ten teams. Black Jesus had their best game of the season so far winning all three. After his win I asked Whipple what the chances are of his team winning the championship. “Can I say over 100%?” He answered. “Because I’d be lying if I said anything less.”

Some long throws in this game.

Some long throws in this game.

Double A’s played The Sneaky Boccinos and also won all three games, despite the fact that the games got increasingly competitive. In the third game Double A’s were down 10-8 and won it with a four point round. That’s what I call excitement . . .bocce’s version of a half-court buzzer beater in basketball or a walk off grand slam in baseball.

M week 7

Rick & Robb played Omnipotence. They are in first place and haven’t lost a single game since week one. Omnipotence came as close to beating them as anyone has, by taking a 7-2 lead. It didn’t hold though. Rick & Robb won all three games and extended their winning streak to 15 games. I’m not sure what the longest all-time win streak is, but I bet Rick & Robb are in sniffing distance of it. This might be a stat we have to start keeping track of. Stay tuned.

m week 10

Twinning played Rum Runners, and Siobhan Christou of Twinning had a break out performance with 24 points and 3 aces. She helped her team earn two BCS inflating wins against a strong Rum Runner team.

M week 9

Finally, we had a rematch of last year’s championship game when Vince’s Gourmet Imports took on Los Moppines. Last year Vince’s Gourmet Imports (then called Black Jesus) won two out of three to win the championship. This year things reversed and Los Moppines won the first two games before blowing a lead in the third. Still, two wins against the defending champs is always something to be proud of.

M week 11

We have finished 5 weeks of play and a make up week. That’s half way. We have another 5 weeks of play and one more make up week before the regular season comes to a close. This seems like a good time to point out a few teams that have had a great half a year.

I want to start with Boccelism. Mike & Jeff were new to bocce last year and they took their lumps, going 6-24. Yet despite the bad record (and the impossibly long Vegas odds to win . . . one time 99% against if I remember correctly) Boccelism won two games in last year’s playoffs and made it to the Sweet 16. This year they are picking up where they left off. They are now 8-4. Two more wins than they had all of last year, after only 4 weeks played. All you struggling new teams should keep Boccelism in mind. Fortunes change quickly in the world of Turbo Bocce.

Knights of the Round Ball are another success story. Allen and Barb were also new to the league last year. They finished with a 9 – 21 record. This year they have matched their win total in half the time, going 9-6.

2 ½ Kittens has not yet matched their win total from last year, but they are well on their way. They were 15-15 last year, and this year they are 12-3.

Finally we have Robb Jones & Mark Streiff. They were a good team last year going 17-13 . . . this year they broke up and joined different teams, and they are both better than good. They are a combined 31-5 with Robb’s team going 16-2 and Mark’s team going 15-3. This proves what I have always said. Often times changing teammates from year to year is a good thing.

Here is what the top of the league standings looks like half way through:

Rick & Rob – 2.298 (BCS)
Los Moppines – 2.195
Ball Don’t Lie – 2.149
2 ½ Kittens – 2.140
Black Jesus (not that one) – 2.099

On to individual accolades:

20 Point Club

Siobhan Christou – Twinning – 24 (two off an all time record!)
Jim Whipple – Black Jesus – 21
Greg Griffo – Los Moppines – 20
Mark Streiff – Bass On Your Ace – 20
Robb Jones – Rick & Robb – 20

M week 4

5 Bocce Club

Allen LaVenture – Knights of the Round Ball – 7 (two off a season high!)
Justin McLaughlin – Blue Balls – 6
Dave Oliva – Schaffer BMW – 6
Dave Jenkett – Balls Deep – 5
Scott Mead – Balls On Your Ace – 5

M week 5

Multiple Ace Club

Dave Jenkett – Balls Deep – 4 (tied for a season high!)
Siobhan Christou – Twinning – 3
Justin McLaughlin – Blue Balls -3
Zach Parmely – LetThe Big Dogs Eat – 3
Allen LaVenture – Knight’s of the Round Ball – 2
Deb Bay – Mean Girls – 2

M week 8

Multiple Turbo Round Win Club

Jess Blake – Twinning – 2
Matt Foster – Ralph Bocce-O – 2
Scott Mead – Balls On Your Ace – 2

m week 12

Lets look at some season high’s now that we are half way through:

The Season High (tied for all-time high) for points in a week is 26 set by Paul Colabufo

The Season High for bocces in a week is 9 – Sean Hughes, Scotti Francescotti, Sherri Walakis, and Kim Pomeroy have all reached that number this year.

The Season High for Aces in a week is 4 – Jake Shatz and Dave Jenket (just this week) reached this mark.

The Seasoon High (and all-time high) for Turbo Round Wins in a week is 3, set by Jeff Weiner.

Here are the individual leaders for the season:


Robb Jones – 112
Bryan Mullane – 104
Phil Martino – 102
Scott Mead – 101
Greg Griffo – 96

m week 13


Sherri Walakis – 34
Kim Pomeroy – 29
Scotti Francescotti – 29
Greg Griffo – 25
Don Adamczyk & Kevin Evans – 22

m week 14


Phil Martino – 14
Siobhan Christou – 12
Christos Christou – 10
Bryan Mullane, Harrison Stockwell, Keith Curreri, & Kevin Curreri – 7

m week 15

Turbo Round Wins:

Scott Mead – 7
Jay Gray – 5
Greg Griffo – 4
Jeff Weiner – 3
Paul Colabufo – 3


There is lot of info about our annual 1 vs. 1 tournament coming down the pike, so if you haven’t gotten an email about it already make sure you email paul@turbobocce.com to be put on the email list, so you can get important info about Turbo Bocce.