Tuesday Week 2 Recap

A rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny evening of bocce, as it has a tendency to do.

Many people came out to play bocce . . . some of them had real style.

Team Feel the Bang

Team Feel the Bang

Others have style on the field, and as proof there were some really good games this week.

Last year’s first place team, Black Jesus beat last year’s third place team Breakfast of Champions two games to one.


Last year’s second place team, Eazy Duz It beat former champion and newly reunited Amerika’z Most Wanted two games to one.


Last year’s fourth place team, with their very cool new name Holy Bocce Empire (which sounds so much better than John and Whipple) beat last year’s final four team Mission Imbocceball II two games to one.


While the other two final four teams, Los Moppines and Ball Don’t Lie enjoyed dominating 3-0 performances. Ball Don’t Lie needs a special mention here as they beat a very good Kiss My Ace team, and with that win secured first place in the league thus far.

3rd place last year .  .  . 1st place so far this year.

3rd place last year . . . 1st place so far this year.

Rick and Robb were the lucky bounty winners, beating a very good Ball & Chain team (albeit with a substitute) 3-0. Robb also won the Gorge Christou award and scored 22 points! How’s that for a good day!

Robb did it all today, winning 3 games, leading the league in points, winning the bounty and the George Christou Award . . . watch out for him for points leader for the year.  I think he's got a great shot at it.

Robb did it all today, winning 3 games, leading the league in points, winning the bounty and the George Christou Award . . . watch out for him for points leader for the year too. I think he’s got a great shot at it.

Speaking of good days, lets talk individual accomplishments.

20 Point Club

Robb Jones – Rick & Robb – 22 points.

Phil Martino – Black Jesus – 21 points.

Scott Mead – Balls On Your Ace – 21 points.

Jake Schatz – Ball Don’t Lie – 20 points.

Dan Hanley – Balls Deep – 20 points.


5 Bocce Club

Scotti Francescotti – DaVinci – 9 bocces (season high).

Sherri Walakis – Blonde Bocce Bitches – 8 bocces.

Kim Pomeroy – Blonde Bocce Bitches – 6 bocces.

Ashleigh Green – The Dicks Who Steal Balls – 6 bocces.

Greg Griffo – Los Moppines – 6 bocces.

Scott Mead – Balls On Your Ace – 6 bocces.

Pat Pascarella – Red Rocket – 6 bocces.

Dave Jenkett, Dan Butler, Angela Morosini, Dave Oliva, Jeff Weiner, and Paul Colabufo – 5 bocces.


Multiple Ace Club

Bryan Mullane – Los Moppines – 3 aces.

Phil Martino – Black Jesus – 3 aces.

Dave Oliva, Robb Jones, Jeff McGann, Bobby Lupi, Scott Mead, Siobhan Christou, and Paul Colabufo – 2 aces.


Multiple Turbo Wins Club

Jake Schatz – Ball Don’t Lie – 2

Scott Mead – Balls On Your Ace – 2

Mike Aylesworth – Droppin Balls – 2


Did you notice anything different about those individual accomplishments? You probably should have. Specifically you should have noticed that Scott Mead appeared on every list. I don’t remember that happening very much when we only had three statistical categories. This is the first time its ever happened with four categories. Congrats on an all-time great all around day (and three wins to boot) Scott!



League Standings by BCS:

Ball Don’t Lie – 2.333
Eazy Duz It – 2.167
Lover Boys – 2.167
2 ½ Kittens – 2.083
Los Moppines – 2.083


Its looking like there is a lot more parity this year than there was last year, and that’s a good thing. Here is some evidence of that parity:

We are only in week 2, but we are already down to just three undefeated teams. 2 ½ Kittens, Ball Don’t Lie, and Balls On Your Ace. Lover Boys and Bocce Like its Hot are undefeated but missed a week, so are only 3-0.

Phil Martino is the points leader with 39, but nobody is running away with this thing. There are 12 people with 5 points of the lead.

Even the Rookie of the Year standings are very close.  Jams Blair is in the lead with 30 points, but Ashleigh Green is right behind him with 27, and Chad Bryant is right there too with 26.

Is the better grass helping with this parity? Possibly. Aces are way up, which I believe is a direct reslut of the field being better to play on. Last year’s ace leader had only 14. Chris Christou already has 6 aces in just 2 weeks which puts him on pace to more than double last year’s total.


We have TONS of amazing bocce pics thanks to Julie Gilbert and Heather Cleveland. Make sure you go to our Facebook page to see them all.