Tuesday Week 3 Recap

As most of you know it rained yesterday, but only until 6. For those who stuck it out, we actually had really nice weather for bocce, and learned that our field drains quite well.

We had some good bocce games too.

Ball Busters were really happy to find out they were in the bounty game.  Maybe they knew they were going to win?

Ball Busters were really happy to find out they were in the bounty game. Maybe they knew they were going to win?

The first bounty game was played between Ball Busters and Ball & Chain, two of the top teams from last year. Ball Busters made a statement and took home a $20 gift certificate to Sharkey’s by winning all three games.

The second bounty game was played between Balls on Your Ace and Blue Balls. Just an FYI, you might want to watch out for Balls on Your Ace this year. They were 6-0 going into this game, and they beat Blue Balls, and last year’s Rookie of the Year winner Justin McGlocklin, 2-1 to win the second bounty prize.

Balls On Your Ace with the bounty win.

Balls On Your Ace with the bounty win.

Its important to have chemistry with your teammate. Mine is a history teacher, so when we started 1-5 I took the time to learn all the US presidents figuring it would help our chemistry. Now I know all the presidents from Chester A. Arthur to Chester Z. Arthur . . . and we are 2-7. I probably should have practiced bocce instead. Ball Don’t Lie continued to roll with a 2-1 win over Breakfast of Champions in what was really a pretty great bocce game.

If you want a big game, how about last year’s first place team going up against last years second place team. This is a match up that never occurred last year. This time around Black Jesus got the better of Eazy Duz It 2-1.

2015-06-09 18.20.00

Onto individual accolades.

20 Point Club

Pat Pascarella of Red Rockets lead the way with 21.

Robb Jones of Rick & Robb had 20.

Jack Schatz of Ball Don’t Lie had 20.

What do these last two players have in common? They both have 56 total points, and are tied for the league lead. If I was a betting man, I’d bet that one of the two of them ends up winning the thing, even though right now its a wide open race.

2015-06-09 18.23.15

5 Bocce Club

Julie Gilbert of Some Innuendo lead the week with 6.

Jeff McGann of Bocce Against the Machine had 5.

Mike Morey of Feel the Bang had 5.

Paul Colabufo of Breakfast of Champions had 5.

2015-06-09 18.22.04

Multiple Ace Club
Jake Schatz of Ball Don’t lie had 4 aces (and let me tell you most of them were from more than 40 feet out)

Joe La Celle of Feel the Bang had 3.

Phil Martino took the season lead with 3 this week.

Keith Currerri, AJ Dougherty, Steve Henry, Sherri Walakis, and Dan Butler each had 2.

2015-06-09 18.04.27

Multiple Turbo Bocce Wins Club

Dana Giucciardi of Bushwackers is the only member of this club this week with 2 Turbo Bocce wins. Way to be clutch Dana.

Last week a little birdie told me that Don Adamczyk would have won the George Christou award, but he was already in the bar drinking by the time it was haded out. This week that oversight seems to be rectified. Robb Jones gave the awark to Don Adamczk, and I know he earned it, because the rainy days are always the biggest drinking days. Way to represent Don!


There will be plenty more pics (probably much better ones) up on Facebook shortly. So make sure to check them out.