Tuesday Week 5 Recap

There was beautiful weather and important bocce happening as we approached the half way point of the season.


Nothing better than bocce under a blue sky.

Even better news, I asked a scientist and he told me that winning at bocce really does make you a better person.  Knowing this, lets start the recap with a family torn in two by bocce (not really) as Siobhan Christou and her team Twinning went up against her husband George Christou and his team Vince’s Gourmet Imports. FYI: if you are wondering why Black Jesus became Vince’s Gourmet Imports, its because Vince’s wanted to become a sponsor of the Turbo Bocce champions and gave Black Jesus money for to change their name. Pretty cool if you ask me. Anyway, back to bocce, these two spouses wanted to beat each other to begin with, and it got even more intense when they found out they were playing for the bounty prize (it probably didn’t get more intense, I didn’t actually pay attention). The bounty prize became more important than their marriage (no it didn’t), and when Vince’s Gourmet Imports left with three wins both George and Siobhan knew nothing between them would ever be the same again (actually everything was exactly the same).

Bounty game #1

Bounty game #1

The second bounty game was between Deez Nuts and Deboccery. Deez Nuts came out strong, winning the first game 11-0 (this is significant because there have not been many shut outs this year). You would have thought they’d go on to win the bounty, but this was not the case. Deboccery rebounded to win the next two games 12-10, and 12-10. After losing 11-0 they needed to come through in not one but two rounds of extra bocce to get the bounty and they managed to make it happen. Quite the clutch performance by Kate and Kristina.

Bounty game #2

Bounty game #2

In other games of note, Bocce Like its Hot increased their record to 5-1 and proved they are going to be a factor this year by beating former Turbo Bocce champions Amerka’z Most Wanted 2-1. Rick & Robb held on to first place (they have now won 12 straight games!) by beating a very good Kentucky Bourbon team 3-0. Ball & Chain shook off their slow start and got back to last year’s winning form by beating a good Rum Runners team, and the leagues top 3 bocce-ers met up when Blonde Bocce Bitches faced off against Los Moppines. Kim and Sherri of Blonde Bocce Bitches got the most bocces (by far) cementing their place as the number one and two bocce-ers in the league, but Los Moppines won all three games.

week 5 3

Onto individual accomplishments

20 Point Club

Jeff Weiner – Boccelism – 21
Jim Lowrey – DaVinci – 21
Allen LaVenture – Knights of the Round Ball – 20
George Christou – Vince’s Gourmet Imports – 20
Bryan Mullane – Los Moppines – 20

week 5 4
5 Bocce Club

Sherri Walakis – Blonde Bocce Bitches – 9
Kim Pomeroy – Blonde Bocce Bitches – 8
Jess Chiavara – Bocce Like Its Hot – 8
Kevin Evans – Rum Runners – 8
Frank DeMauro – Boc and Learn – 7
Joe Pascarella – One Eyed Fish – 7
Badger Ballon – Salty Bocce Balls – 7
Eric Szantai – Ball & Chain – 6
Scotti Francescotti – DaVinci – 6
Pasquale Pascarella – Red Rockets – 5
Mike Morey – Feel the Bang – 5
Anson Zeppetello – Amerika’z Most Wanted – 5
Oscar Ocampo – Two Che – 5

week 5 5

Multiple Ace Club

Becky Szantai – Ball & Chain – 3
Siobhan Christou – Twinning – 3
Jess Blake – Twinning – 3
Phil Martino – Vince’s Gourmet Imports – 3
Traci Phillips, Kevin Evans, Scotti Francescotti, Jeff Williams, Scott Rau, Mark Chambers, Kevin Currerri, Oscar Ocampo – 2

Not an ace  But rare photographic evidence of a challenge.

Not an ace But rare photographic evidence of a challenge.

Multiple Turbo Round Wins

Jay Gray – 2

A big thank you to Heather for the pics.

A big thank you to Heather for the pics.

Lots of fun was had and lots of pics of that fun are located on our Facebook page, make sure you go check it out.