Turbo Bocce Calendar

Important dates to keep in mind.


Saturday May 14- Blind Draw Tournament – get some practice in before the season starts and meet new people in our league in this FREE tournament that will have a mini-beer fest attached to it!

Wednesday May 18- Turbo Bocce open house.  If you are new to Turbo Bocce and want to try it out free of charge and commitment, or if you already play in our league and want to invite friends to come check it out, this is the day to do it!  Everybody who comes will get a free slice of pizza and a free beer, as well as a free lesson on how to play Turbo Bocce (if you need one).

Tuesday May 24 & Wednesday May 25 – Our season starts here and goes every week for 10 weeks plus 2 make up weeks and a playoff!

Saturday July 23 – One on one Tournament.  Turbo Bocce’s annual attempt to scientifically determine the best bocce player in Syracuse.

Saturday Auguest 6 – Syracuse Neighborhood Olympics.  The 1st annual Syracuse Olympics will feature 4 sports, and Turbo Bocce is one of them.  If you want to participate as a competitor, simply find a partner and register HERE then choose the neighborhood you want to represent (you don’t have to live there).  If you win, a team of volunteers will come beautify the neighborhood you chose.

Saturday August 27– Turbo Bocce championship for both the Tuesday and Wednesday leagues.  If you make the sweet 16 you will compete in this all day tournament to crown a champion.  If you happen to get eliminated before this point you should come for the freed food, and drinks as well as for the award ceremony after.

Saturday September 19 – Get a team of 4 together and continue Turbo Bocce’s dominance of this event.  More info HERE.

If you want to attend any of these events or have any questions about them email Paul at paul@turbobocce.com