Turbo Bocce’s First Cinderella Story

How our league is more welcoming and more fun for newbies than ever before.

If you are new to Turbo Bocce you might want a quick history lesson on the league. As always, we are happy to oblige. Take a look at all our previous champions and their seeds going into the playoffs.

2005 – No playoffs (no seeding)

2006 – Black Jesus (2)

2007 – Amerika’z Most Wanted (1)

2008 – Tipp Hill Tossers (1)

2009 – Tipp Hill Tossers (1)

2010 – The Hippies (3)

2011 – Our Pallinos Are Bigger Than Yours (2)

2012 – Pullout Couches (24)

I’m going to hum that song from Sesame Street, one of these things is not like the other while you take a look at that list again and pick the former champion that stands out most.

Of course the answer is our most recent champion, Pullout Couches, and they stand out for more reasons than you know.

First, and most obviously, they were the 24 seed going into the tournament. We have never had a team lower than a 3 seed win before.

Second, you cant tell from the list above, but Pullout Couches won the championship in their very first year in our league, and in fact it was their first year ever playing bocce ball. All the other champions had success in the league before they finally won a title.

In Turbo Bocce everybody who plays makes the playoffs, and lets face it, bocce is a pretty simple game (what can be more simple than throwing a ball at another ball?), that means that you have a whole season to figure it out and get good, then in the playoffs anything can happen.

Pullout Couches provided a shining example that “anything can happen” last year by beating many of our most veteran teams on their way to a championship (and a very nice champions pay out) in their first year ever playing bocce.

If you are considering joining the league and are worried that you have no experience, don’t be. Not a single person in our league had any experience playing competitive bocce before joining Turbo Bocce, and we are definitely not experts.

There is now historical precedence that anybody can join the league and compete with the best of us, but what’s more important is everybody in the league no matter how competitive (or not competitive) they are can show up after work, enjoy the sun, enjoy the Grand Lawn in Syracuse’s answer to Central Park, enjoy the food and the beer, and HAVE FUN.

If you are new and interested in joining, check out this link for more info Who We Are and What We Are About.