Turbo Bocce’s Free Agent Day

If you are familiar with college sports at all, you know that coaches can scout and recruit potential players all year, but those players can only officially agree to play for that coach on a single day – appropriately called signing day.

Its much the same with bocce. You see a guy play, spend all winter convincing him that you would be perfect teammates, but nothing is official until that first preseason week – Turbo Bocce’s signing day.

Some years there is not much action (like this NBA off-season where Josh Smith is the best free agent available) but other years, LeBron James and Chris Bosh decide to “Take their talents to South Beach” and all Hell breaks loose.

2013 is a “South Beach” kind of a year for Turbo Bocce. There is even a team (made up of two former champions) called South Beach!

So lets break down some of the significant off season action.

Last year there was Black Jesus, Amerika’z Most Wanted, and Big Time . . .

Black Jesus is Turbo Bocce’s oldest team (they won the very first Turbo Bocce Championship). Phil Martino and George Christou (two founding members of the bocce league) made up Black Jesus, and were well known for two things: throwing the pallino very short, and winning in the playoffs. Their mastering of the short 10 foot shot got them to three Turbo Bocce finals.

Unfortunately, this year George Christou is recovering (successfully we are very glad to say) from surgery and is going to have to take some time off, so Phil has been forced to find a new partner. As a league, this is our first time ever playing without one of the people who built Turbo Bocce. Luckily for all of us, George is bound to be back to full strength soon. But we will not forget him. While he is gone we plan to introduce the George Christou Award which will be given weekly to the “best drinker.” Who decides just what “best drinker”means? We are going to give that job to our celebrity bartender (stay tuned for more information on this!). I, personally, am very much looking forward to George coming back and winning his own award.

Amerika’z Most Wanted was formed in 2007 when original member Anson Zepetello paired up with Andy Ingalls. In Andy’s rookie year he and Amerika’z Most wanted took the league over, winning both the regular season crown and the championship. Andy and Anson are both well remembered for their Pimp Cups (literally cups with the word pimp on them that they would bring to bocce) which they were undefeated while drinking from, and for being nice guys who were fun to play even though they beat you.

2012 was Big Time’s first (and last) year of existence as a team. But one of its members – Jim Whipple – has been around the block. An original member of the Turbo Bocce league, Jim was a part of the only two time Turbo Bocce championship team (the Tipp Hill Tossers) before leaving to find yet more success with a guy we all remember as “Tebow.” Jim Whipple is best known for throwing the pallino extremely far, and talking about how great he is.

This year . . .

Now that you know some of the players, lets talk about where they ended up.

Phil Martino and Andy Ingalls joined forced to make super-team South Beach. The only team in the league (besides the defending champs Pullout Couches) that currently has two ex champions on it.

They will certainly be strong contenders for the title, but not the only contenders.

Anson Zepetello has reunited with an old partner from long ago (Dan Hanley) who he had a lot of success with before Amerika’z Most Wanted was formed. Dan Hanley was making runs at league point leader before his job caused him to take a few years off. Now Dan is back, and he and Anson are back together on what is sure to be a very formidable team.

John Bowman is a long time Turbo Bocce player who made up one-half of the team Balls of Fury last year. Balls of fury was one of the more successful teams in the league putting up a record of 18-12. Now John is pairing up with two time champion and long ball expert Jim Whipple to form an early season title contender.

This is only a small sample of the free agent comings and goings, and the only way to tell if these high powered free agents come good is to see how the season turns out.

Stay tuned for updates!